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Substance abuse and gaming activities (AKAN)

Substance abuse and gaming activities (AKAN)

The following guidelines describe OsloMet’s policy on use of drugs and gaming activities, and should form a good foundation for the work on prevention and the safeguarding culture.

The university  wishes to create a culture that safeguards the organisation as a whole as well as the individual employee. Employees may ask for help in dealing with a drug, alcohol, money or video game problem, even if it has not had an impact on job performance. 


  • One is not allowed to show up at work in an intoxicated state. This applies to alcohol, drugs and medications that may cause intoxication. Having a hangover or smelling of alcohol is regarded as being intoxicated.
  • Employees who have to take medications that may affect behaviour or job performance, should discuss this with their immediate manager.
  • Social events organised by the college outside working hours (Christmas parties, summer parties or various gatherings in the unit) must be inclusive and open to everyone. Serving alcohol should never be the main activity during our events. If alcohol is served, it should be done in moderation and there should always be a non-alcoholic alternative.
  • It is not permitted to serve alcohol at social events organised by the university until after the core hours, 14:30.
  • Before the event, the person(s) in charge of organising should consider how the use of alcohol is perceived, what the consequences might be, and take cultural considerations.
  • We expect the employees to show moderation in all work-related situations, e.g. business trips, as they are always to be regarded as representatives of the university.
  • The use of drugs in one’s spare time is not acceptable if it affects the work situation by, for instance, increasing absence, impeding a satisfactory performance, obstructing the fulfilment of the requirements for safety and quality, or by compromising the university's reputation.
  • Each unit must consider whether they would like to arrange a wine lottery. If the unit chooses to do this, it is recommended that they include alternative prizes (e.g. non-alcoholic drinks, movie tickets, chocolate or the like).
  • The use of the money and video games is not allowed during working hours.
  • Gaming outside of working hours is not acceptable if done in such a way as to cause increased absence, or negative consequences on the performance of work or on safety.

Reaction methods

OsloMet will go to great lengths to help employees who have problems with drugs or gaming. Upon raised concern, suspicion or violation of guidelines, the immediate manager with HR responsibility is in charge of talking to, and follow up, the person in question.

The following methods of reaction may be relevant:

  • A conversation (the necessary conversation) when suspecting that an employee has a substance or addiction problem.
  • If intoxicated, the employee should be sent home in a proper manner, and this will be followed by a conversation the following day.
  • warnings
  • Offer of individual AKAN agreement

OsloMet follows the AKAN resource centre's method and uses the AKAN model (akan.no, in Norwegian) as a tool in the individual-oriented AKAN work.


Immediate manager with HR responsibility

Upon raised concern, suspicion or violation of guidelines, the immediate manager with HR responsibility is in charge of talking to, and follow up, the person in question. Moreover, the immediate manager is responsible for initiating and monitoring any individual AKAN agreements. The occupational health service collaborates with the manager on preparation, coordination and monitoring of the individual AKAN agreement.

The occupational health service (BHT)

BHT consists of advisers and resource persons in both the preventive and the individual-oriented AKAN work. BHT can provide managers, AKAN resources and staff with guidance, information and training in substance and gambling issues.

Employees may contact BHT directly for help with substance or gaming addictions.

AKAN resources

Role description and names of the AKAN resources.

HR advisers and managers

Can provide general advice and guidance to managers during the procedure of individual cases without it being necessary to treat the employee’s situation as a formal HR case.

All employees

Employees at OsloMet are encouraged to not ignore, minimise or hide a colleague's substance abuse or gaming addiction.

Useful information in the preventive work