Course responsibility

Course responsibility

Denne prosedyren for emneansvarlige er utarbeidet av fakultet HV under omstrukturering av ansattsidene. De er ikke vedtatt som bindende for alle emneansvarlige ved OsloMet, men kan være en nyttig ressurs også ved andre fakultet. Videre vedlikehold av disse er under vurdering.

Assess subject

Assess subject

  1. Prepare exams

    Registration of desired date and time for the exam, ordinary and new/postponed exams happen at specified deadlines. Check final date with the study administration before the course starts.

    Notice! It is important that you do not post your own information about time and place for the exam online but refer to the information at Studentweb.

    It is your responsibility to ensure that there is an adequate number of examiners, internal and external, for carrying out the exam.

    • Make sure that examiners are appointed to your course well in advance of the exam, possibly check previously appointed examiners. 
    • Examiners for handling exam appeals are appointed at the same time as the ordinary examiners.

    The use of examiners must be in accordance with what is stated in the course description and with the Guidelines for appointment and use of examiners at OsloMet (

    Arrange assignments for grading exams with the external examiners, make clear the use of internal examiners. Submit an overview of examiners to the study administration.

    Submit a list of approved course requirements to the study administration well in advance of the exam.

  2. Prepare and submit exam assignments and grading guidelines

    Cover templates for students and other useful information can be found under exams at faculty for health sciences (

    • Prepare an exam assignment. Use the stated learning outcomes for the course as a starting point. Any weighting must appear in the assignment text.
    • Feel free to check older exam assignments so that you do not repeat previous assignments.
    • Make an exam assignment for new/postponed exams at the same time so you do not have to do this during vacation. 
    • The exam assignment must be quality assured by at least one other peer. Some also use an external programme supervisor when preparing the assignment text. 
    • The study administration will notify you if the assignment text also needs to be written in Norwegian Nynorsk. 

    It is recommended that you make grading guidelines for all exams. Everything that is prepared like written guidelines, point calculations and the like should be able to be made available for the students after the exam.

    Language and written form in the assignment texts (link is coming).

    The deadline for submitting the exam assignment and grading guidelines is no later than two weeks before the exam date.

  3. Under the exam

    The study administration will inform you about room placement well in advance of the exam. The student wills find this information at Studentweb.

    In case of written examination under supervision, the teacher must be available for contact/being called in by the Examination Office during the entire examination. 

    During the first hour the teacher responsible can enter the examination room for a round of clarification.

  4. After the exam


    Deadline for grading the exams are three weeks after the exam. For master’s theses the deadline is 6 weeks after the deadline for submission.

    The grading guidelines can be made available to students after the exam, normally this is posted in Canvas. This can have an effect on number of requests for explanation for the determination of a grade.

    Explanations for the determination of a grade and appeals

    Read the explanation ( and appeal pages ( for students.

    • Students sends a request for an explanation for the grade via the study administration.
    • Explanation can be given in writing or orally, according to examiners choice.
    • Explanation must be given within 2 weeks after the student have sent their request.

    It is important that the study administration is made aware of when the explanation has been given, so that it is registered in FS. The deadline for submitting an appeal starts running from the time an explanation is given. Registration also makes it possible to extract statistics on examiners workload in relation to explanation requests.

    For master’s theses: Remember to encourage the master’s thesis to be published in ODA.

    Checking for plagiarism

    The study administration checks the exams for plagiarism by sending digitally submitted assignments for a check in Ouriginal. The case officer receives the reports from ePhorus and will follow up assignments with high degree of text similarity together with the person with course responsibility to assess whether it is a case of cheating.

    Assessment protocol

    Assessment protocol with original signatures is sent to the study administration by the set deadline. A scanned assessment protocol with signature before the deadline is accepted, as long as the original signed protocol is later sent by post. 

  5. New and postponed exam

    Is carried out in the same way as an ordinary exam unless otherwise stated in the programme/course description. 

Resources and useful information

Resources and useful information