Course responsibility



  1. Submit course report and complete the course

    Write a course report and save it in the K-area under the following path: “hf” – “KS” – “rapportering” – (choose your department) – choose the folder “emnerapporter” – sort by correct programme/cohort/course.

    • The course report is signed by the student representative as documentation that the students have received, read, and understood the information about the results of the course evaluation.
    • If the students find the course report lacking in relation to the feedback they have given, they must have the opportunity to comment on this in a separate field in the report. 
    • A copy of the course report is to be sent to the student council/academic committee or equivalent.
    • Follow up on the results of the evaluations in an appropriate manner.

    You can offer the students confirmation that they have participated in the reference group if this have been carried out during the course.

  2. Prepare for implementing the next course

    Discuss last year’s evaluation of the course (course evaluation, external programme supervisor, possibly external evaluations) with your team and take these experiences with you in planning for the next course. The designing of how to implement the course is based on the learning outcome description and possibly a construct – alignment thinking (backward planning).

    If there is a need for course revisions, contact the programme coordinator.

    Use student-active forms of learning – preferably with the use of ICT in different forms.

    Can the course be conducted in English to admit students from international partner institutions?

  3. Check external programme supervisors for your course

    Clarify with programme coordinator what role the external programme supervisor has in your course (when will external programme supervisor assess your course, what will be assessed, what feedback may already be available from external programme supervisor that affects your course).

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Resources and useful information

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