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Hourly wages - digital registration

Hourly wages - digital registration

Employees on hourly wages with separate time sheets must submit time sheets to OsloMet in order to receive payment. OsloMet now utilizes digital time sheets for hourly employees, and uses the Norwegian Government Agency for Financial Management’s (DFØ) self-service solutions for digital transactions.

Support for digital time sheets:

Technical support with the DFØ app:, or use the "Hjelp" function in the app

Before you can log into the digitial solutions, you have to sign your Employment Contract in Digipost. Access will be given 2-3 working days after signing. 

Digital time sheets

Digitization means effective solutions and provides digital certification and digital approval, faster payouts, digital archives of submitted time sheets and the ability for hourly employees to submit time sheets regardless of time and place.

Digital time sheets can be sent in two ways:

A. with an app used from smart phone or tablet, or

B. with a portal used from pc.

You can choose your preferred digital tool. 

A. App used from smart phone or tablet 

The app can be downloaded here: 

Do you have questions or need more information about the DFØ app, see and here for the english version

Technical assistance is available at DFØ customer service

NB: Before submitting digital time sheets, it is important to read the user guide to the DFØ app


B. The pc-portal "Betalmeg"

  • Log in here:
  • Log in by using ID-porten (MinID, BankID etc.). BankID is available if you have a Norwegian bank account.

FAQ and more information available at and here for the english version

Technical assistance is available at DFØ customer service

NB: Before submitting digital time sheets via Betalmeg, it is important to read the user guide to Betalmeg


Simplified user guide

  1. Download the DFØ app or log in with
  2. Press «Godtgjørelse», press + to register time sheet
  3. Write the case number to your current employment contract in the Formål field. The case number is in the upper right corner of your emplyment contract (e.g. 19/12345)
  4. Press Kostnadstilordning and control whether the Kostnadssted in the app/portal is the same as the one given under Budsjettenhet/kostnadssted in your employment contract
  5. If these are not the same, press Kostnadssted, type the numeric code from your employment agreement, and press OK. The time sheet needs to have the same Kostnadssted as the contract.
  6. Press + Legg til ny godtgjørelse
  7. Describe the work performed in Beskrivelse, select the date of the work performance, and choose the Lønnart that is named in your emplyment agreement. Then press OK
  8. Press Antall and write the total number of hours you worked on the indicated date. Please note that any factor must be calculated into the sum totalt. E.g.: you have worked 3 hours with a factor of 2: you would then write 6 hours total on this particular date.
  9. For every new date on the time sheet, repeat steps 6-9
  10. When the time sheet is finished, press SEND (top right)
  11. You can save the time sheet and add more hours at a later date - use the save icon (the disk) 


Questions about contract content and payroll details (“lønnart”, “kontering”) must be addressed to contact person(s) in the unit for which you are going to work.

Please be aware that incorrect completion of time sheets means that the digital sheet is returned to sender for correction and thus the payment is delayed.

Do you have more than one active emplyment conctract for hourly wages with OsloMet?

Hourly employees who have several Employment Conctracs with several units in OsloMet at the same time, might not be able to use the digital solution for all the assignments. If you have several contracts at the same time, contact the persons responsible for your assignments, and we will investigate for which contract you can use digital time sheets.


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