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Hourly wages - digital registration

Hourly wages - digital registration

Employees with hourly wages must submit time sheets to OsloMet in order to receive payment. This page provides information on how to send digital time sheets.

OsloMet use digital time sheets for hourly employees, and use the Norwegian Government Agency for Financial Management’s (DFØ) self-service solutions for digital transactions.


Before you can log into the digital solutions, you have to sign your employment contract via the link in the email that you will receive when the contract is sent from OsloMet. If you have not received the email, please check the spam folder in your email reader.

When you have signed the contract, you will get access to a menu item in the DFØ app called "My contracts". This gives an overview over active, future and expired contracts, and is the function by which you record your hours and send time sheets.

  • Time sheets

    After the employment contract has been signed, you must submit time sheets. Time sheets are submitted with the DFØ app (

    Hourly paid employees who have access to OsloMet's computer systems, can also use DFØ Self-service portal ( on a desktop computer.

    How to send time sheets

    See the tutorial on DFØ's website on how to send time sheets with the DFØ app (

    You can also watch this video (with Norwegian sound and English captions)

    Hourly wage - register hours (
    Hourly wage - returned time sheets (

    For submission of hours via desktop computer, how to send time sheets with DFØ self-service (

    Please note

    • Only one time sheet can be sent for each month, so all hours for the month must be registered before sending the time sheet.
    • To guarantee payment on the 12th of the following month, the time sheets must be sent on the last working day of the relevant month.
    • The time sheets must be sent before your contract expires.
    • When your contract has expired, hourly wage employees will automatically be resigned and lose access to the DFØ app. If you have other contracts following your present one, you will not be resigned.
    • If you need to restore access to the DFØ app, contact
  • Log in to the DFØ app

    To log in to the DFØ app, you must first sign the contract agreement sendt to you by e-mail. See instructions on how to sign your contract.

    Download the DFØ app

    You log in by using ID-porten (which is used by MinID, BankID and other services, and requires a Norwegian fødselsnummer or D-nummer). This does not require a user name or password, besides a PIN-number that you set.

    For questions or more information about the DFØ app, please se DFØ ( Technical help with the app is provided by DFØ help center:

  • Log in to the DFØ app if you have more than one employer

    In order to send time sheets to OsloMet, you have to choose the correct employer in the DFØ app. 

    Log in to a new organisation or employer in the DFØ app for the first time

    1. Press Logg ut
    2. Press "Har du glemt PIN-koden?"
    3. Press "Logg inn via ID-porten"
    4. Logg in through ID-porten. You will see a list of employers, but can not choose from the list. You will be automatically logged in to one of the organisations. 
    5. Press Logg ut.
    6. Choose organisation from the list.
    7. Enter PIN code.

    Change organisation when you are logged in to the DFØ app

    1. Press Logg ut.
    2. Choose organisation from the list.
    3. Enter PIN code. 
  • Registration of hours with factor

    You register working hours in "Mine kontrakter" - choose contract - "Timeliste" - choose month - choose date. The field "Arbeidsoppgave" / "Task" is given if the contract only contains one task. If there are more tasks in the same contract, or the same task has more than one emnekode, you need to choose "Taks" and then choose the correct task ("arbeidsoppgave" in Norwegian). Here you will se a field called "Vekting". This indicates the agreed factor for the hours you register. Here you only need to register the hours actually spent. The system calculates the correct amount of hours according to the terms of the contract.  

    In some cases, a factor will be specified in the text field of the contract, or agreed upon some other way, while the task indicates Vekting 1. In these cases, you must calculate how many hours you are to be compensated for, and then register the working hours so that you get the correct number of hours. For example, if a factor of 3 has been agreed for 3 hours of work, you register 9 hours of work this day.

  • FAQ on registering time sheets

    I've become ill and cannot work. I am eligible for sick pay?

    • The rules and regulations for sick pay for employees on hourly pay state: 
      • Employees on hourly pay can use egenmelding når when they have been employed for two months and have agreed on the working hours in advance, when the sick leave falls on the days and/or hours that have been agreed on in advance. 
      • In order to maintain the right to use egenmelding, hourly paid employees must work at the least each 14th day. If there is more than 14 days between work days, hourly paid employees have to present a "sykmelding" (from a medical doctor, hospital etc.) as documentation of the absence (according to folketrygdloven § 8-15, 2. paragraph).
      • Hourly paid employees can use sykmelding when they have agreed on the working hours in advance and the sick leave falls on the da
    • If there is doubt on what days or hours have been agreed on, contact your nearest manager or work manager to clarify this.  
    • If you are entitled to egenmelding or sykmelding, you have to register your work hours in the DFØ app like you would register ordinary working hours. The person responsible for your contract, or your closest work manager, must be sent a copy of your egenmelding or sykmelding.

    My contract says Expired (Utgått) in the DFØ app. Can I still send time sheets?

    Yes, you can. If you have access to the DFØ app, you can register time sheets. Choose the meny point called "Expired" or "Utgåtte" and proceed as usual.

  • More information on the system for digital contracts and time sheets

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