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Identifying nonconformities is an important part of the preventive HSE work at OsloMet. Therefore, the threshold for reporting HSE nonconformities and close call incidents is low. Injuries and accidents must always be reported.

How to report nonconformities 

The University uses an electronic system for reporting and processing nonconformities . We therefore recommend that you report nonconformities via our online form, but you may also contact the HSE Unit by telephone or email.

The HSE Unit will receive the nonconformity reports and process them in accordance with the University guidelines and the HSE Unit’s procedures.

  • What is a nonconformity?

    HSE nonconformities are violations of acts and regulations and internal provisions, but also errors and deficiencies that are discovered in connection with regular operation and internal audits. HSE measures that are not followed-up within the appointed deadline will be treated as nonconformities. Insufficient fire safety, «false» fire alarms, insufficient training, deficient use of prescribed protective equipment etc.

    Close call incidents are unwanted incidents that under other circumstances could have resulted in an accident with damage to people, the environment or buildings / materials / equipment. Includes incidents that could have resulted in personal injuries, fire outbreaks, burglary attempts, observations of unauthorized persons, missing keys etc. (reference is also made to the point on accidents).

    Accidents are unwanted incidents resulting in personal injuries, or damage to the environment or buildings/materials/equipment. It is important to note that in addition to personal injuries, fire and waste, you must also report unwanted incidents leading to material damage. Burglary and theft must also be reported.

  • Why report a nonconformity?

    The purpose of reporting nonconformities is to protect people, materials and the environment.  

    The registration and processing of nonconformities will help discover violations of procedures, acts and regulations, in addition to identifying situations that may be valuable with a view to learning, prevention and improvement.

  • When to report nonconformities?

    As an employee, you must contribute to creating a good and safe working environment. If you discover violations of procedures/rules/acts/regulations or situations that you think could represent a danger to people or the environment, you must report the incident. It is better to be safe than sorry. There are no risk in reporting a nonconformity.

    Incidents resulting in personal injuries must always be reported. This is, among other things, important to ensure that any expenses related to the incident will be reimbursed and to ensure that you receive the benefits you are entitled to.

  • How are nonconformity reports processed?

    The formal responsibility for your safety and security at work lies with your head/manager and the head/manager will therefore be informed of any nonconformities concerning his/her employees. However, the responsibility for following up the nonconformity itself may be divided between several parties.

    The safety representatives must make sure that nonconformities are followed-up and will therefore be notified of all nonconformities .

    Usually measures must be implemented to correct errors / deficiencies or to avoid similar incidents happening again. The HSE Unit will make an agreement with the individual unit relating to measures. In case of personal injuries, one of the measures will be to ask Human Resources to report the injury to The Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration (NAV)/ The Norwegian Public Service Pension Fund (SPK).

    Cases relating to nonconformities will not be closed until it is confirmed that the agreed measures are completed.

    You may track your case in the Service Management System OTRS via the link you will receive on e-mail.

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