Avtaler, etikk og jus - Ansatt

Contracts, ethics and jurisprudence

Contracts, ethics and jurisprudence


Here you can find the agreement templates for all the research collaborations that OsloMet participates in. The general rule is that these templates should be used. 

Property rights

Here you can find OsloMet's policy on intellectual property rights.

Intellectual property rights

Intellectual property rights is a joint term for the area of law concerning the legal protection of intellectual presentations and characteristics of persons, goods and services.

Research ethics

The university is responsible for ensuring that research is carried out in accordance with the framework established by the Act Relating to Universities and University Colleges, the Act on Ethics and Integrity in Research including its regulations, the Public Administration Act, and according to the terms of external funding sources as well as external and internal guidelines. Read more about research ethics here

Protection of personal information in research

Before you as a project manager initiate a research project, you must know whether the personal information  to be used should be anonymized or de-identified and which external agencies that should approve the use of different types of personal information. Read more about protection of personal information in research here.

Legal assistance

Here you will find an overview of the legal assistance that the Legal Unit in the Department for Research and Development can provide.