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Improve your English!

Improve your English!

Do you want to improve your written and spoken academic English? The OsloMet academy announces three courses offered by OsloMet’s Unit for Academic Language an...

Improve your English!
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Tirsdag 24.09.19 kl. 14.00-16.00
Campus Pilestredet
This practical language course is designed for international recruited members of the academic staff at Oslo Metropolitan University. This eight-session workshop provides participants with an opportunity to improve their Norwegian skills and develop confidence in presenting, lecturing and supervising in Norwegian.
Mandag 30.09.19 kl. 08.30-11.00
P46, PA311
Et kurs for deg som er instruktør for lærlinger ved OsloMet.
Onsdag 09.10.19 kl. 12.00-15.00
Do you have limited experience in writing for academic journals? Would you like to explore some conceptual and practical strategies for preparing for the publication process? Join us for this three-session workshop focusing on developing reading strategies and rhetorical and linguistic awareness that will help you get ready to write.
Torsdag 10.10.19 kl. 10.00-12.00
This course explores advanced techniques and strategies for literature searching. It also covers ways to document and report your search
Mandag 14.10.19 kl. 09.00-14.00
To be announced
Are you a PhD candidate or a researcher presenting at your first international conference? Or have you already presented at international conferences, but would like to improve your presentation skills? This three-session workshop provides participants with an opportunity to practice their communication skills and develop confidence in delivering academic presentations in English.
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