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The Working Environment Committee's work

WEC holds meetings 4-6 times a year. The meetings are usually open.


Meeting plan, case documents and minutes

Meetings spring 2017:
  • Thursday, February 16,12.30-15.30
  • Wednesday, April 26,12.30-15.30
  • Thursday, May 18,12.30-14.00 (special meeting)
  • Tuesday, June 20,12.30-15.30
Meetings autumn 2017:
  • Wednesday, September 20, 12.30-15.30
  • Monday, December 4, 12.00-18.00 (meeting and WEC-/LWEC seminar)

The case documents are published about one week before the meeting. The minutes should be completed no later than 7-10 days after the meeting.

WEC's case documents and minutes. 

WEC's case documents and minutes dating from before February 12, 2016 are available for employees on K:\alle\AMU (amu-f).

The unit for HSE is secretariat for HiOA's working environment committee.

WEC's members

The members sit in  the working environment committee for a  two-year period.

The employee side holds the head of committee appointment in WEC for the academic year 2016/2017, with the chief safety delegate, Marthe Eikum-Tang, as the som the head of WEC. If the head of committee is absent, the meeting is chaired by her deputy, Jon Ingar Holtet.

The following actors have no right to vote:

  • The occupational health service's representative
  • WEC's secretary;  Ingerid Wefring 

Representatives - employer side

The rector appoints the employers' representatives in the Working Environment Committee.

Permanent members
Deputy members


Position/ Unit


Position/ Unit

Tore Hansen

Acting Director of Organisation and Corporate governance 

Asbjørn Seim

Director of Digitalisation and Infrastructure

Mariann Hole

Estate Director 

Geir Haugstveit

HR Director

Lars Egeland

University Library Director

Elsbet Vestvatn

Head of Administration/ Centre for Welfare and Labour Research

Cecilie Wilberg

Faculty Director/ Education and International studies

Maren Kristine Moen

Faculty Director/ Technology, Art and Design

Mona Dahl

Head of Department /Health Sciences

Trine Ellekjær

Head of Department/ Social Sciences

Representatives - employee side

The employee representatives are appointed by the trade unions.

Permanent members
Deputy members





Marthe Eikum-Tang

Chief safety delegate

Kjersti Winger

Adviser/ Education and International Studies

Jon Ingar Holtet

Deputy Chief safety delegate

Mona Sinding-Larsen

Senior Adviser/ Technology, Art and Design

Gro Røkholt

Assistant Professor/ Health Sciences

Elin Fredrikke Garcia

Operating Technician/ Digitalisation and Infrastructure - Estate

Arild Berg

Associate Professor/ Technology, Art and Design

Hæge Hanheide

Senior Adviser/Education and International Studies 

Turid Brattaas

Senior Adviser/ Social Sciences

Henrik T. Thorsen

Adviser/ PRU -Learning Centre 

Pr. 1.8.2016.

Estimate of time resources for the safety service and members of WEC/LWEC.

WEC's subcommittees

Local working environment committee (LWEC).

WEC's mandate and composition

A description of the committee's mandate and composition can be found in HiOA's HSE guide.

External resources

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