Forskningsdatabasen (Research Database)

You will find tips and advice about filling in and using the Research Database here. The explanations are divided into the different tabs in the Research Database. Click on the plus symbol for more detailed information about the Research Database.

Søk, filter og eksport til excel

  1. Search function

    You can conduct a search by writing a word or figure in the Search field. The search will cover all free text in the Research Database, irrespective of field. 

    In addition to the search function, you can also use a filter.

  2. Filter

    You find filters by clicking on the funnel in the upper right-hand corner. Select the filters you want to use, they do not all have to be ticked. You can also remove filters and continue the search, or adjust or select further filters after a search. 

    You can reset the filter search by clicking on the funnel icon marked with an ‘X’. 

  3. Export to Excel

    When you have conducted your search, you can export it to Excel. You do this by clicking the symbol beside the filter funnel in the upper right-hand corner. It is possible to export information about up to 500 projects at the same time.

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