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Project tools

Project tools

The following is a description of OsloMet's project tools and suggestions for other applications that may be useful in project work. The tools can be combined in different ways depending on the project’s needs.
  • Prosjektportalen

    Prosjektportalen is OsloMet’s project and portfolio management tool. All portfolio-managed projects are assigned their own project area in the portal. Large projects with several sub-projects and programs with several projects can use theProgram module in Prosjektportalen.
    The project portal is an important management tool for OsloMet. Reports are made to the management based on the data entered in Prosjektportalen.

  • Teams

    Teams is a Microsoft365 tool for cooperation and internal communication at OsloMet and is well suited for cooperation between project team members. You can use it to keep in touch with the project team, share files and gather other relevant tools (Planner, OneNote, Prosjektportalen etc.).

  • Planner

    Planner is a Microsoft365 application that can be used in Teams. It allows you to assign tasks to the Teams members, and you can specify a deadline for when the task must be completed. Once the task is done, it is ‘ticked off’ and the team can see an overview of completed and open tasks.

    The tasks can also be organised by topic to give the team a clearer overview of the various types of tasks. You can also add links to relevant documents.

    Those who are assigned a task will be notified when a task has been assigned to them and when the deadline for completing the task is approaching.

    Watch a training video about Planner (

  • OneNote

    OneNote is a Microsoft365 application that can be used in Teams. OneNote is useful for gathering information, notes, minutes of meetings etc. OneNote notes can also be integrated in minutes of meetings in Decisions.

    Watch training videos about OneNote (

  • Project for det web

    Project for the web is a Microsoft365 application for project management and planning. The application can easily be linked up with Teams. Project for the web is similar to Planner, but with some extra functionality. For example, you can show hierarchies and how tasks depend on each other in a Gantt diagram or ‘Roadmaps’.

    All permanent employees have read-only access to Project for the web under the Microsoft 365 licence, while you need a special licence for write access. Hired consultants need both a read and write licence.

    Licences are ordered via the IT order system. Under ‘name of software’, enter ‘Project Plan 5’. The order must be approved by your manager and the unit must pay the cost of the licence.

    Watch training videos about Project for the web (

  • Decisions

    Decisions is a meeting management tools that can be used with Teams, SharePoint, OneNote and Planner. It is primarily suited for regular series of meetings such as project, steering committee or reference group meetings in large-scale projects.

    You can send out notices of meetings, prepare the agenda, minutes of meetings and notes, assign tasks, record decisions and follow up tasks after the meeting.

    Decisions requires one licence for each series of meeting. Licences are ordered via the IT order system. The order must be approved by your manager and the unit must pay the cost of the licence.

    There is a special resource team in Teams dedicated to the use of Decisions at OsloMet (

    Watch a training video about Decisions (

  • Mentimeter

    Mentimeter allows you to make simple presentations that integrate polls and/or questions. Mentimeter is an excellent tool for cooperation at workshops and on group tasks and can be useful to motivate and establish a dialogue about issues in the project. OsloMet offers all employees a full-version Mentimeter licence. You can find more information and activate the licence at DIGIN .

  • Padlet

    With Padlet, you can cooperate on making mind maps, post questions, notes or photos, and receive answers from e.g. the project manager or project participants. This can be useful to motivate and establish a dialogue around tasks and issues that arise in the project. Contact DIGIN for access and more information.