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Administrative support

Administrative support

Retningslinjer for organisasjonsendring

Retningslinjer for organisasjonsendring er utarbeidet i tråd med styrets vedtak av 6. mars 2018, S-sak 11-2018 og gjelder fra 1. januar 2019.

Purpose, scope and plan

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The guidelines must ensure:

  • A uniform organisational and administrative structure at OsloMet with related unit designations, abbreviations, cost centres and system codes.
  • Qualitatively sound processes, decisions and administrative procedures in case of changes in organisational units.
  • That all organisational changes are implemented in all systems according to established decisions.
  • That the students and the employees have a say in the process: Act relating to Universities and University colleges § 9-2 (4).


The guidelines cover all changes in organisational units in OsloMet's organisational map, with related internal structure. Changes of this kind include

  • The establishment of units
  • The closing down of a unit
  • The relocation of units
  • Name changes of units


The authority to make a decision on changes is defined under the point Decision making powers.

The line manager in charge of the branch responsible for controlling the change process must follow the requirements for the planning and implementation of the change process.

The HR department is the academic department of change processes. Local HR can advise on change processes, and will assist with administrative procedures.

Deviations from the guidelines must be approved by the HR Director.


Data and time for organisational changes

The main rule is that organisational changes must be implemented twice a year: January 1 and July 1.

  • In financial and budgetary systems, changes will normally be made by January 1st. If the organisational change occurs by July 1st, the change will then take place again the following January 1st.

The final decision on change must be made no later than two – 2 – months before implementation.

Matters for the Board: the process must be initiated at a time that ensures compliance with the board's deadlines in line with the Procedures for work with matters for the board.

Orders for adopted changes must be delivered to the HR department no later than six – 6 – weeks ahead of the date of the change. Use the form for organisational change (link comes). The processing time of implementation will vary depending on the scope of the change. For particularly extensive changes, the HR dept. must be informed at an earlier stage to allow the administrative academic units to get an overview of the need for resources for the implementation processes.

Project Plan

A project plan for the change process must be drawn up and the following elements must be included:

  • Purpose of the change(s) – the purpose/goal of the change(s) must be communicated to the affected parts and their employee representatives
  • Scope – what the change(s) consist(s) in.
  • Clarification of roles – the line organisation's role and responsibilities as well as a description of the distribution of tasks between the line manager and any other actors.
  • Participative decision-making – when and how the employees and their representatives, including safety delegates, should be informed and involved in the process.
  • User participation
    • how, and within what limits, the users should be involved in the planning and implementation, including briefing in WEC/LWEC
    • how the students should get their say in the process
  • Risk assessments – implementation of risk and impact assessment of
    • work environment and psychosocial conditions,
    • organisational / administrative conditions
    • economic conditions
  • Progress plan
  • Information plan

The scope of the change(s) determine(s) how extensive the various elements of the project plan should be.


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