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Our OsloMet

Our OsloMet

Priorities / Green OsloMet

Green operation

An overview of OsloMet’s short and long term environmentally friendly operation

Waste management

OsloMet will get better at recycling. The goal is to increase the recycling rate from 15 to 20% throughout one to two years (from 45-60%). The work starts with Pilestredet 52 where a test pilot is carried out. A working group, in collaboration with Ragn Sells (the renovation group OsloMet has an agreement with), have been commissioned to prepare proposals for measures aimed at increasing the recycling rate.


Recycling points

OsloMet has invested in new coloured tops for the waste containers to allow for easier sorting. Posters indicating what kind of waste to sort where will be put up in the immediate vicinity of the containers. Here you can read more about waste management and recycling at OsloMet.



All employees must be aware of their social, ethical and environmental responsibilities when making a purchase. In practice, this means that when setting environmental standards is relevant, those in charge of the specific procurement must consider which requirements to set as qualification and / or allocation requirements.


Electrical energy measures

OsloMet is working systematically to phase out traditional lighting in favour of LED and demand-controlled lighting. Furthermore, we are planning to improve the management of electric heating.


Green transport

Electric car priority

OsloMet is working on replacing our three cars with electric and hybrid cars. We have 6 electric vehicle charging stations at campus Kjeller, and we are looking into the possibility of adding more.



We are continuously considering the possibility of reducing the number of parking spaces

. The previous reduction at Campus Pilestredet was carried out in 2015. 

  • At Campus Pilestredet we have 8 handicap parking spaces in P46 and 3 in P35
  • At Campus Kjeller there are about 400 parking spaces, 80 of which are reserved for OsloMet’s employees.


Bicycle facilitation

OsloMet aims to facilitate the use of bicycles for both students and employees. External bicycle parking and separate bicycle stands for employees have already been introduced. Near the university you can also find city bike stands.

Here you can read more about bicycle parking at OsloMet and where the city bike stands are located.


Recycling / reuse

OsloMet reuses its furniture (by giving it away), arranges a book-flea market in the library, and re-uses IT material.


Eco-labelling of buildings

The status of technical condition is the responsibility of the land owner, but OsloMet is the driving force.


Renewable heating

Campus Kjeller and just about the entire campus Pilestredet is 100% heated by district heating.


Smoke-free areas

  • There is a total ban on smoking in the university’s facilities.
  • Smoking must be done outdoors.
  • The entrances are a no-smoking area. Some buildings have designated no-smoking zones.
  • To prevent smoke from penetrating doors, windows and ventilation systems, smokers must not stand where there is a risk that this might happen.