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Bike parking and city bikes

Bike parking and city bikes

At Oslo Metropolitan University, it has been adapted for outdoor bike parking and own bicycle stalls for employees. Close to OsloMet you will also find stands for city bikes.

In addition, OsloMet provides stations for simple maintenance for both students and employees.

  • Outdoor bike parking

    Campus Pilestredet

    • P52: 21 spaces
    • P50: 21 spaces
    • Fyrhuset: 25 spaces
    • Between P50 and Fyrhuset: 27 spaces
    • P44: 13 spaces
    • Between P50 og P48: 15 spaces
    • Between P44 og P42: 17 spaces
    • Between P48 og P46: 57 spaces
    • P40: 12 spaces
    • HG1 (NIBR): 29 spaces
    • SG26/28: 30 spaces
    • PP33 and PP35: 19 spaces
    • P32: 20 spaces
    • P35: 60 outdoor bike parking spaces facing Pilestredet

    Campus Kjeller

    There are 50 bicycle locations at the left of the main entrance and at the south-eastern corner of the building.

  • Indoor bike parking

    We have 7 bicycle stalls and stands for employees. A card reader will be installed on all bicycle stalls so that all employees can access  them with a card and a code.

    This is where you may find bicycle stalls today:


    • 20 indoor spaces in the  driveway down to the garage (not bike stalls, but possible to lock the bike to the bike stand)
    • 20 spaces in room H032 - (lock cylinder that can be used with all office keys in P35 - card reader will be installed)


    • Bike cage in room N010.039

    P42 - use card and pin

    • Q1U022 
    • Q1U023
  • Outdoor maintenance Pilestredet

    Bicycle pumpe and maintenance kit installed next to Pilestredet 50. 

    For issues, please contact Grønt OsloMet.

  • Outdoor maintenance Kjeller

    Bicycle pumpe and maintenance kit installed next to bike parking by the main entrance.  

    For issues, please contact Grønt OsloMet.

  • Washing station - Pilestredet

    ​​​​There are four stands for city bikes on campus Pilestredet

    • Pilestredet P35
    • Edvard Stormsgate/P35
    • Pilestredet/P38
    • Pilestredet P46/tram stop

    Find our more about City bikes in Oslo.

  • City bikes Kjeller

    One stand at Kunnskapsbyens Hus near campus Kjeller. Find out more about City bikes at Kjeller, Lillestrøm