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Tools and support

Tools and support

Facility Management Support Service

Waste and cleaning

Below you will find information about cleaning and waste disposal.


Waste Disposal

Waste management is an important part of the environmental focus for OsloMet. As part of improving and increasing the proportion of recycled waste, we have started a project in Green HiOA with a focus on this. OsloMet's goal is to go from 45 % to 60 % recycled waste.

Around the campus, you will find recycling stations with bins, some of which have coloured tops to separate different types of waste. The tops will be replaced gradually in all buildings, so that all fractions can be sorted.

Recycling guide

  • Black - Other waste
  • Blue - Plastic
  • Light grey - Paper
  • Green - Food waste
  • Metal coloured - Glass and metal

Recycling stations at OsloMet

  • Campus Kjeller, parking basement
  • Pilestredet 32, 1 st floor
  • Pilestredet 35, 1 st floor
  • Pilestredet 44, 1st floor
  • Pilestredet 46, 3rd floor at the KK center
  • Pilestredet 48, 1st floor
  • Pilestredet 50, 1st floor (with coloured tops)
  • Pilestredet 52, 1st floor (with coloured tops)
  • Stensberggata 26, 1st floor
  • Falbesgate 5, 1st floor
  • Pilestredet Park 33, 1 st floor

Hazardous waste and infectious/healthcare waste

Hazardous waste and potentially infectious waste must be handled and disposed of in accordance with regulatory requirements and OsloMet's procedures. You find more information about hazardous waste and infectious waste here.

Your responsibility

  • All offices have separate bins for paper and residual waste. It is your responsibility to empty these bins in common bins located on each floor.
  • Be aware of the waste type and sort correctly
  • You can notify BiE if the common bins need emptying, when containers needs to be stocked or for the collection of hazardous waste.

Facility Management Responsibilities

  • Ensure good arrangement and information on waste disposal
  • Provide suitable and well-marked bins
  • Contribute with additional containers and bins as required


All buildings at OsloMet, both in campus Pilestredet and at campus Kjeller, have similar cleaning rates with few exceptions. In some cases, the frequency may be adjusted in some areas to ensure that the cleaning is properly adapted to the use of the premises.

Cleaning Plan

  • Classrooms, group rooms, laboratories and other special rooms have daily cleaning with few exceptions.
  • Entrances and foyers, receptions, canteens and coffee shops, toilets and corridors in student areas have daily cleaning.
  • Some student toilets are cleaned up to three times a day.
  • Stairs up to and including the third floor have daily cleaning, further up in the building there is cleaning three times a week.
  • Corridors in staff areas have cleaning three times a week.
  • Offices for employees have cleaning once a week. OsloMet practices waste recycling. As an employee, you are responsible to empty the garbage bin at the office in to recycling stations in the common areas. 

Need for extra cleaning?

  • Please notify in advance if you require extra cleaning