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Management development at OsloMet

Management development at OsloMet

Management and management development are important tools for the realisation of OsloMet's societal duties and goals. OsloMet has an enterprise-integrated management development programme that consists of target group-defined programmes, operational-integrated activities and a course portfolio for management training.

The programme for management development is faculty-overreaching and is located in Dept. HR in HiOA's Central Department for Organisation and Corporate Governance (ORV).


Management development aimes at providing OsloMet's managers with updated and relevant competence in response to changing demands. The purpose of the enterprise-integrated management development programme is:

  • Competenc development
    The offer of management development enables managers - individually and collectively - to maintain and develop their management competencies.
  • Strategically rooted and enterprise-integrated development
    As an enterprise-integrated programme, the offer must be adapted to HiOA’s distinctiveness, objectives and needs for development. It must support ongoing processes aimed at realising our strategic goals.

Offers to all managers

All OsloMet’s managers are offered competence raising measures and meeting places across the organisation.

Offers for potential managers

An important part of the preparation for recruitment to management positions is to identify potential managers within OsloMet. In autumn 2018, we are running a short programme for employees who are interested in management and are considering a management role as a relevant career path.

Offers to new managers

Many of the management positions at OsloMet have fixed-term contracts and as a consequence management replacements occur frequently. Furthermore, several of the fixed-term contracts run out simultaneously, which means that we every now and then have quite a few new managers at the same time. Replacements also happen in permanent contract managerial positions, in order to provide the college with new managers. Thus, in the management development programme emphasis is placed on developing good replacement processes, as well as providing new managers with support through an internal mentoring scheme and a separate programme developed for them.

Management of education and R&D

In the autumn of 2017 two new programmes aimed at the management of the core business were started up.

  • Research and education management
  • Research group management

Course portfolio for management training

Managers may sign up for independent courses within defined subjects or tools as needed. Subjects may include meeting culture, the employer's managerial prerogatives, conflict management, financial management etc.

The courses are published through the HiOA Academy’s course calendar, where you can read course descriptions and sign up.