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Preparing for a new semester

Preparing for a new semester

Please mind our semester checklist for you as an instructor. The checklist will help you to a smooth start of the new semester. We have also compiled information your students might ask you about regarding a new semester.
  • Publish your courses in Canvas

    You must publish a course in order to that students can access the course in Canvas, including the reading list. Students cannot see unpublished courses and content.  Students who have completed their semesterregistration are automatically loaded into the Canvas course shell.

    Need help? Contact DIGIN  or your Canvas-help 


  • Oppdater og godkjenn pensumlisten

    Approve your reading list

    Do you want that your students can access your reading list through Canvas and online? It is necessary that you approve your reading list.

    Find more information about approving reading lists.

  • Lecture schedules

    Lecture schedules should reflect the reality of all teaching activity. In addition to this, the timetable should also reflect the activities of the start of study period, such as calls. It is therefore important that students find all information about time and place only in the schedule - and not elsewhere!

  • Help your students during the semester start period

    Students must remember a lot. Here are the most important things to keep in mind.

    • Semesterregistration: It is important to complete the semesterregistration by using StudentWeb. New students will have to activate their user account in addition to that.

    • After the semesterregistration is completed, current students will get access 

      • Their personal lecture schedule (if registreret in groups)

      • Their courses in Canvas (after 2 hours, if published by you)

      • Their reading list throughout the canvas course (after 2 hours, if published by you)

      • For new students  the access listed above is given 24 hours after they have completed the semesterregistration. 

    • Semester fee: The semester fee will be accessible in Studentweb as well.

    • Student-ID: Students get their digital student-ID after the semesterregistration is completed and the semester fee is paid.

    • Student card: This is how students obtain and use a student card.

  • Guide your students

    Ask your students to contact the information centre if there is anything you do not know about.