Do you want your students to get more benefits from your instruction and to learn more? DIGIN can guide you towards developing innovative learning design, student-active ways of learning and educational use of digital tools.

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  1. This is DIGIN

    We at DIGIN are specialists in learning technology and pedagogy in teaching. We guide and advise employees. DIGIN is an interdisciplinary competence environment where those of us who work there have specialist expertise in technology, pedagogy and quality in teaching. We therefore help employees to become good at digital tools in teaching, and increase their knowledge of coordinated learning design. The goal is increased study quality

    DIGIN aims to

    • be an inspiring meeting place for the development and sharing of digital teaching practice
    • promote knowledge sharing across subjects and faculties within the subject area of ​​digital tools in professional education
    • provide good support for developing teaching using digital tools

    DIGIN offers

    • Courses and guidance in good use of Canvas
    • Courses and workshops on digital tools and learning design
    • Inspirational lecture on digitization in teaching
    • Guidance and advice to develop innovative learning design
    • Network building
    • Sparring in the development of teaching plans, subject and program plans
    • Help in using digital tools
    • Guide to obtaining licenses for digital tools
    • Help to find educational and professional resources
    • Good examples of digital teaching practices
    • Advice on writing applications
  2. Contact us

    We can

    • advise you on digital learning design

    • advise you on backwards teaching

    • advise you on feedback

    • advise you on student-active forms of teaching

    • tailor courses

    • holding theme-based seminars

    • and much more!

    Emailcall us 4000 1156 (8am-15pm) og book us for 30 minutes when you have time!