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Erasmus + projects

Erasmus + projects

The largest part of the Erasmus + programme comprises mobility grants. However, you can also apply for funding for various types of cooperation projects. The common denominator is that support is given to international projects with a project period of 2-3 years, increasing the quality of education.

You will find everything from small projects to large network projects. Some of the project information focuses on participants from countries in the EU, EFTA, Turkey and Macedonia (programme countries), others on participants from countries from the rest of the world (partner countries).

The application deadline is usually once a year, normally in February or March, depending on the call you choose.

You as an employee can apply for funding within these calls. It is however very important to include your academic environment, and to have a process firmly rooted at the departmental and faculty level. All activities are based on the contribution from the academic community in terms of time and / or money.

Within some of the calls, it is possible to apply for funding for projects within the administrative field of academic affairs.

UK will continue to participate in the Erasmus+ programme until the end of the programme in June 2021 despite Brexit. It is therefore possible to include British partners in applications that have deadlines in 2020. This is applicable even for projects that will finish after 2021.

Overview of all the Erasmus + projects that OsloMet participates in, both as a coordinator and as a partner

Project calls that your academic environment can apply for