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Agreements and contracts

Agreements and contracts

Here you will find the agreement templates for all the research collaborations that OsloMet participates in. The general rule is that these templates should be used.

The Legal Unit offers advice for all research projects based on contracts and other binding documents. If issues appear during the project we are here to answer your questions.

We propose templates and customised agreements for your project. The type of agreement that should be entered into will depend on how the project funded, among other things. 


  1. Research funded by the Norwegian Research Council
  2. Research funded by the EU
  3. Research funded by others
  4. Other types of contracts
  5. Student agreements
  6. Links to relevant legislation

1. Research funded by the Norwegian Research Council

The Legal Unit assists with the preparation of contracts and cooperation agreements with the partners in projects funded by the Research Council.

Collaboration agreements

Collaboration agreements must be stipulated for research projects with several participants before the Research Council can disburse any funds.

For research council agreements, OsloMet uses either:

Collaboration agreement – simplified version:

Collaboration agreement – detailed version:

The Research Council's contract templates:

Data processing agreement:

2. Research funded by the EU

We assist in the negotiation and preparation of contracts that must be concluded for projects funded by the EU. When EU funding has been approved a grant agreement must be concluded with the EU. In addition, a consortium agreement must be stipulated with all partners in the project.

OsloMet uses the DESCA template for our projects.

3. Research funded by others

Collaboration projects

In a collaboration project OsloMet collaborates with an external party and the projects is balanced with regard to the contributions of the parties and the ownership of the results.

Contract templates

OsloMet has prepared two contract templates that we use for collaboration projects.

Collaboration agreement - simplified version:

Collaboration agreement - detailed version:

Assignment projects

In an assignment project

  • OsloMet conducts the research at the behest of a contractor and there are clearly defined requirements with regard to the end result.
  • The contractor has the right to manage the project and must pay 100% of all expenses; both direct and indirect ones.

Assigned research must be invoiced with VAT.

For assigned research, OsloMet's contract template should be used.

4. Other types of contracts

5. Student agreements

Agreement – project thesis in enterprise:

Agreement – project thesis, part of research project:

Transfer declaration for students:

Declaration of confidentiality

  • Declaration of confidentiality (Norwegian) (.DOC)

6. Links to relevant legislation for research projects