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Salary and reimbursement


Tax deduction card and tax deduction

Laws and regulations on tax

General information from the Norwegian Tax Administration here

Tax deduction card

  • After you apply for tax deduction card, the electronic tax deduction card is uploaded directly into SAP (our payroll system) before each salary payout.
  • New tax deduction cards and changes to existing tax cards will therefore be updated continuously.

For foreign citizens

Information about tax deduction card for foreign citizens:

Additional tax deduction

  • In order to registrer additional tax deductions, send the E-form Extra tax deduction by using the SAP portal or the DFØ app.
  • Additional tax deductions is registered with an amount i NOK per month (not percentage rate).
  • Additional tax deductions are registered per month for a period up to one year.

Tax deduction for new employees

  • If your employment starts before the year-end, there will be no tax deductions in June the following year.
  • In December the deduction will be 50 % 
  • This does not mean there is zero tax in June and 50 % tax in December; the deduction is distributed throughout the rest of the year.

More than one employer

  • The primary (main) employer deducts tax according to the tax table in the tax deduction card. The secondary employer deducts according to percentage rate in the tax card.
  • Check your deduction rate and notify your HR department if it is incorrect.


Please contact finance at your own department for help