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Tax deduction card and tax deduction

Laws and regulations on tax

General information from the Norwegian Tax Administration here

Do you need help to understand your payslip, taxation and banking services? Please read here

Tax deduction card

  • After you apply for tax deduction card, the electronic tax deduction card is uploaded directly into SAP (our payroll system) before each salary payout.
  • New tax deduction cards and changes to existing tax cards will therefore be updated continuously.

For foreign citizens

Information about tax deduction card for foreign citizens:

Additional tax deduction

  • In order to registrer additional tax deductions, send the E-form Extra tax deduction by using the SAP portal or the DFØ app.
  • Additional tax deductions is registered with an amount i NOK per month (not percentage rate).
  • Additional tax deductions are registered per month for a period up to one year.

Tax deduction for new employees

  • If your employment starts before the year-end, there will be no tax deductions in June the following year.
  • In December the deduction will be 50 % 
  • This does not mean there is zero tax in June and 50 % tax in December; the deduction is distributed throughout the rest of the year.

More than one employer

  • The primary (main) employer deducts tax according to the tax table in the tax deduction card. The secondary employer deducts according to percentage rate in the tax card.
  • Note that employees on hourly wages mark an execption to this rule - see below.
  • Check your deduction rate and notify your HR department if it is incorrect.

Employees on hourly wages and tax cards

  • OsloMet deducts all hourly wage earners by percentage, not by the tax table. Both hourly wage earners that has OsloMet as a secondary employer and as the main employer are deducted by percentage.
  • Hourly wage earners are deducted by percentage to avoid deducting too little tax. As your employer, OsloMet is responsible for the correct tax deduction.
    • Tax table deductions are made on the assumption of a fixed salary each month, which results in that the deduction becomes lower and lower the less you earn, so as not to deduct anything if the gross amount is low. In these cases, the correct tax amount is not deducted.
  • If you, as an hourly wage earner, believe that the percentage of taxation will be too high, you need to log in to and change your tax card.
  • Section for payroll can in special cases change to table deductions for hourly wage eployees. In such cases, it will be the hourly employee's own responsibility to check that the tax deduction is not too low, and OsloMet is not responsible for the possible consequences of too low tax deductions.