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Salary and reimbursement


On tax deduction card and withholding tax.

Tax deduction card

  • The electronic tax deduction card is uploaded directly into SAP (our payroll system) before each salary payout.
  • Both new features and changes in the tax card will therefore be updated continuously.

For foreign citizens

Information about the tax card for foreign citizens:

Additional withholding tax

  • If you want additional withholding tax, you must state a monthly amount to the Section for Payroll and Accounts centrally (see contact info).
  • Additional deductions cannot be entered with a percentage rate
  • When entered into the system, additional deductions will take effect from the coming year. You must notify the Section for Payroll and Accounts (see contact info) again if you want additional deductions next year.

Witholding tax new employees

  • If your employment starts before the year-end, there will be no tax deductions in June the following year.
  • in December the deduction will be 50 % 
  • This does not mean there is zero tax in June and 50 % tax in December; the deduction is distributed throughout the rest of the year.

Several employers

  • The main employer should deduct following the table and the second employer according to  percentage.
  • Check your deduction and notify the Section for Payroll and Accounts centrally  (see contact info) if it is incorrect.


Please contact finance at your own department for help