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A hand is holding an iPhone showing the new design of

Welcome to our newly designed website

Today, got a much-needed makeover. A new design and an upgraded content management system is here.

Q & A

Why did you change the design?

Our content management system was due for a big upgrade. This meant that a design had to be implemented all over again. Therefore, we decided that instead of implementing the old one, we wanted a design that is more current, follows the principles from our new design on and our graphic profile. Another very important reason is that we want our websites to be accessible to everyone, regardless of functional ability.

I can’t find my NAP groups. Where are they?

As reported in our newsletter in June and August, the NAP groups are no longer available. Teams is now the collaboration tool we use at OsloMet. Contact us if you are missing any of the content on your old NAP groups. Nothing has been deleted yet. The Wiki’s in the NAP groups are still available on the same link as before. It is not possible to update the Wiki, but you can read it. The Wiki’s has not been moved to Teams because Teams does not yet have a Wiki application that suits our needs.

I don’t really like the orange colour you are using. Why orange?

We are obligated to follow OsloMet’s graphic profile. We didn’t want to use yellow as the primary colour, as we want to separate from Of the remaining colours, orange was the best option. It also fulfils our logo and universal design requirements. We also happen to think it looks nice! 

I miss the right margin on the old design. Where did it go?

Our design does not have a right margin. We want to make our content as user friendly as possible. After we are done working on the content the information you get on the top of the page will be the most important information. This means that information that used to be in the right margin (like contact information etc.) has been moved to the bottom of the page. Hopefully your questions will be answered before you have reached the contact information.

I want to go to my employee page. How do I do that?

When you log in you will be sent to your employee page. On any other page you can click on the meny and your name. This will send you to your employee page.

I want to go to the Norwegian version of the site. How do I do that?

Click the "NO" on the orange top menu. This will lead you directly to the Norwegian version of the page you are on. Click "EN" on the orange top menu to go back to the English site. If you are on your phone, click the meny and choose "Norwegian version. You can also click the "English site" or "Norwegian site" button on the orange footer in the bottom of every page. The difference is that by clicking the links in the footer you will be sent to the front page. By clicking "EN" or "NO"  you will be sent directly to the other language version of the page you are on.

I think some of the pages look strange. The headings are all a different size and there’s white space here and there. Why?

This is part of the work we are doing the next couple of weeks. For our websites to be accessible it takes a whole lot of TLC. We will be spending the weeks before the Christmas holiday finetuning headings, removing white space, giving all our pictures alternative texts, writing descriptive link texts etc. We know that some of our content looks weird, but we are on it!

Does this mean that all my bookmarks in my browser will stop working?

No, it does not. The content and all the links are still the same. The design is the only thing that is new.

I had a big collection of shortcuts on my employee page. Are they still there?

Yes, they are.

Has the content changed?

No, not yet. But it will. We are currently working on giving the content on an editorial review. Changes will be made to ensure that we are giving our users the best possible answers to their questions. After the content has been revised, we will also be adjusting our menus and front pages. After is done, the same will be done to

Where did the “Alle tilsatte” group go?

“Alle tilsatte” (all employees) was a NAP group. We know that many of our employees appreciated this group, and we want to respect their wishes. Therefore, we are working on a solution that will be replacing “Alle tilsatte” so that our colleagues can still share information with us.

Where can I edit my employee profile?

Finally, you are able to edit your profile easily on, rather than going to our old website ( To edit your profile, log in and go to the menu and choose “Edit profile”. You will also find an “Edit profile” link in your shortcuts on your employee page.

I found a bug and I want to report it. Where do I do that?

Report all bugs, possible errors etc. to our contact form ( We are continuously working on correcting bugs or other errors, especially the first month after the upgrade. We know that some of the pages may look a bit off, but we are working on improving them.

We strive to have good, clear and universally designed websites that are accessible to everyone. Still, we know that in the beginning of this journey there will be pages that are not as good as we want them to be. Therefore, we will dedicate the next weeks to fixing bugs and making changes where it’s needed. 

For questions or if you want to report bugs etc., please use our contact form.