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PhD fellows can apply for an extension

PhD fellows can apply for an extension

Guidelines have now been adopted for OsloMet on the extension of the PhD and and postdoctoral period in case of corona related delays.

The guidelines only apply to an extension of the PhD and postdoctoral periods where the delay is caused by the corona pandemic and where this can be documented. Read the guidelines (English version of the guidelines will be made available). 

Special circumstances that hinder normal progression 

PhD and postdoctoral fellows employed by OsloMet can according to an individual assessment, be granted an extension of the employment period if care taking work or other special circumstances hinder normal progression. 

For example, the reason could be that you are being ordered to serve in the health care system or another critical function to the society, difficulties in data collection, delay due to closed campus facilities, etc. 

“It is in the interest of OsloMet and in line with our social mandate that PhD fellows who are delayed beyond 6 years due to the corona situation can be allowed to extend admission to the PhD programme with a period corresponding to the duration of the delay,” notes Vice-Rector for Research and Development, Per Martin Martinsen. 

When can you apply for an extension? 

An application for an extension due to the corona crisis can be submitted when the PhD and the postdoctoral fellow have the full picture of the delays. 

However, if urgent, it will be possible to send in your application earlier. For example, if you are nearing the end of your employment, or if you have other major reasons. 

What should the application contain? 

In collaboration with your supervisor, you must document what actions have been taken or planned to prevent delays. 

Application process 

Applications must be submitted and processed according to normal routines at the faculties / centre. 

Faculties and centre are encouraged to show flexibility when applications are being processed. 

The guidelines are a clarification of the current regulations and emphasize individual treatment after you have applied. 

Working hours and leave during the corona crisis 

Read more about how employees at OsloMet should register work hours and apply for leave due to closed schools and kindergartens during corona.