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Latest update – corona situation

Latest update – corona situation

Our campuses will be opening for larger numbers of students and staff members beginning 11 May. Read more about the new policies being implemented in light of the evolving coronavirus situation.

More resources and information about OsloMet’s handling of the coronavirus situation are available here.

These are the latest developments related to the coronavirus situation at OsloMet (last updated 8 May): 

Access to on-campus buildings assumes that both students and staff members take responsibility for following infection prevention measures.  

Together we can prevent the spread of infection  

All members of the OsloMet community will have to complete an online course in infection prevention and are responsible for following OsloMet’s guidelines for preventing the spread of infection.  

PhD candidates can apply for extended time 

PhD candidates and post-doctoral fellows whose progression is delayed by the coronavirus pandemic will be able to apply for an extension of their time needed for completion (article in Norwegian). 

Access to campus buildings 

Beginning 11 May, you will be able to access buildings on our campuses using your ID card and your PIN code. The libraries are now partly open and students who have gained access from their faculty can use reading room spaces.

Digital instruction for the spring semester

All regular instruction with physical attendance at Oslomet (in classrooms, auditoriums, group rooms etc.) was canceled from 12 March. Instructions are given mainly digitally, and this will apply through the whole spring semester.

Due to the authority's advice regarding the coronavirus and uncertainty about the extent and duration of the pandemic, it has been decided that instruction as a rule will be carried out digitally through the spring semester of 2020.

The decision provides predictability for students and staff in a demanding time.

All classes and other forms of instruction held on-campus are cancelled beginning on Thursday 12 March.There will be no classes or other forms of instruction held on campus until after Easter at the earliest. The university will be conducting as much online instruction as possible, starting on 23 March at the latest. Students can read more about classes, work placements, exams and travel guidelines here.

Making it through this unusual semester together

“I'm proud of our students and staff members for the way they have adapted to the reality of online classrooms and digital instruction, rector Curt Rice said on Wednesday.

“I know that times are tough for many of us right now, but I am heartened by the willingness I am seeing from students and colleagues to be there for each other and make things work. I am confident that we are going to make it to the end of this semester together, and with as many students as possible staying on track to finish their studies on time.”


Due to the uncertainty related to the extent and duration of the Corona pandemic, all school exams, both written and oral, will be changed to home exams this spring semester, 2020.

OsloMet are considering to later submission deadlines for certain exams. Your faculty will determine how long the submission period will be for your exam, and which exams will get an extended submission deadline. Information regarding your exams will be posted in Canvas or Studentweb.

Learn more about changes in exams and assignment submissions.

Students participating in work placement

We are all in a difficult position and OsloMet is actively working to find good solutions and answer all your questions. Information is updated online and more specific information about your work placement will be given to you directly from your faculty. The Ministry of Education has decided to give all universities and university colleges more flexibility in work placements.

Am I going to work placement?

The various study programs work to gain clarity on work placement and planning ahead together with the work placement institutions. Students who are going to work practice will be contacted as soon as we know more.

Work placement at the Faculty of Education and International Studies

For updated information on work placement, please see the faculty's information for students and staff.

No On-Campus Events

All on-campus events are cancelled through the rest of the semester, and until at least 15 June. Events can still be organised using streaming technology and other methods.

International students

Read this article with useful information and resources for international students.

Quarantine for people arriving in Norway

Anyone arriving in Norway from abroad shall be in home quarantine for 10 days after date of arrival. You will find more information about travel and the coronavirus on the Norwegian Government’s website.

Travel restrictions

The Norwegian authorities are discouraging all travel that is not strictly necessary.

Cancellation of travel / airfare:

Questions about cancellation of travel and travel insurance must be addressed to the insurance company or travel company. Staff can read more about reimbursment of canceled trips due to coronavirus on the staff website.

Are you worried you may have been infected by coronavirus?

Follow the advise from the Norwegian Institute of Public Health (, which is updated regularly.

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