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Safety glasses with vision correction

Safety glasses with vision correction

Employees are entitled to corrective safety glasses if they need it.

Corrective safety glasses are CR-approved safety glasses with lenses fitted with individual vision correction.

The safety glasses come in hazard class S or F:

  • Glasses with lenses in hazard class S are normally used in laboratories
  • Glasses with lenses in hazard class F are normally used when there is a risk of high speed particles hitting the eye area.

The optician can assist in evaluating which type of lenses is the most suitable one.

OsloMet covers the costs of the eye examination, lenses, adaptation and a simple frame. The frame is covered with up to NOK 1200.

The safety glasses for which you receive a reimbursement are the employer's property. If you need to replace the lenses, OsloMet will not cover the costs of a new frame.


The manager and the employee must together assess the need for corrective safety glasses based on the risk assessment and the duration of the work.

  • The form "Vernebriller med synskorreksjon (.docx, in Norwegian)" must be filled out and signed by the manager.
  • Bring the form to the optician for him to confirm the need.
  • You pay the bill for the eye examination and the safety glasses.
  • The reimbursement of the expenses must be registered in the SAP portal.
  • Remember that you must yourself cover the costs of the frame if exceeding NOK 1200.
  • SAP uses the term "terminal glasses" for safety glasses. You must select the category "terminal glasses" in the SAP portal when registering the expenses.
  • You must scan, upload or take a picture of original documents rand receipts documenting your need
  • See guide for reimbursement of expenses.