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R&D Guide / Planning

Roles and responsibilities in R&D projects

In order to carry out the research project in a proper manner, it is necessary to delegate both responsibilities and tasks from the management to the project participants.
  1. Research coordinator
  2. The project manager's responsibilities
  3. The project manager's qualifications

Research coordinator

According to the Act relating to universities and university colleges, it is the board with the rector on behalf of the board which is the supreme governing body at the university college. The rector has the greatest administrative responsibility and therefore also the top administrative responsibility for the research taking place at HiOA. The rector is considered the research coordinator and can delegate tasks, but not responsibility.

Duties are usually delegated to faculties and departments.

Overview of  the research coordinator's role and duties.

The project manager’s responsibility

The project manager is responsible for the day-to-day running of his/her R&D project.

  • The checklist for R&D projects contains several items that fall under the project manager’s responsibility. In the field of medical and health research projects, the project manager is also responsible for carrying out the project according to research protocols approved by REK. 
  • A student can`t be a project manager. A reseacher with the necessary skills has to be responsible for the day-to-day running - normally appointed professional supervisor.
  • In large projects with many participants, it will be natural to establish a project group.
  • Several of the items on the checklist can be delegated from the project manager to the project participants. It is be advisable to agree on responsibilities and task allocation before the project starts.
  • In case of disagreement, the project manager has the final word, in consultation with the research coordinator or his/her delegate.

The project manager’s qualifications

The project manager must have enough academic and scientific competence to ensure that the research project is carried out in a proper manner. Doctoral qualifications may be laid down as a qualification requirement, depending on the nature of the project.

Students cannot be project managers. The supervisor will be the project manager of all education projects. This applies to all degrees through to the master’s degree.