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On retirement and pension rights for employees in public services.

If you have at least 14 working hours per week, you are, as an employee in the state, covered by the statutory occupational pension scheme in the Norwegian Public Service Pension Fund (

You can get information about rights relating to the National Insurance Scheme by contacting your local NAV office or by accessing

  • Retirement pension

    From the age of 67, employees at OsloMet are entitled to a retirement pension from the Public Service Pension Fund and from the National Insurance Scheme. 

    The Public Service Pension Fund's retirement pension ( comes in addition to the retirement pension of the National Insurance Scheme ( Most employees will be able to benefit from this from the month after the age of 67.

    To be entitled to pension from the age of 67, you must simultaneously apply for a retirement pension from the National Insurance Scheme – it is your responsibility to get this done.

    If you are planning to retire you need to send an e-mail to HR Shared Services and add your manger as a recipient.

  • Contractual pension (AFP)

    Contractual pension ( is an early retirement scheme for state employees and teachers between 62 and 67 years. The conditions for AFP vary based on age.

    NAV is responsible for the administration of the AFP scheme in the state sector for those between 62 and 65 years. Are you between 62 and 65 years old, it is therefore NAV that calculates and disburses your pension.

    When you reach the age of 65, it is the Public Service Pension Fund’s rules for calculating the AFP that apply. If you have received AFP before the age of 65 and the National Insurance Scheme’s calculation is higher than ours, you will, however, not lose pension.

    See - AFP in the public sector.

    If you are planning to retire with AFP you need to send an e-mail to HR Shared Services and add your manager as a recipient.

  • Disability pension

    If you need to reduce your working hours due to illness or injury, you may be entitled to disability pension from the Public Service Pension Fund ( Disability pension is normally disbursed after one year of absence due to illness.

    After one year of absence due to illness, all state employees can be granted a disability pension.

    You should apply for the disability pension in good time. The processing time is approximately four months. Remember to notify your immediate supervisor / case officer when you have submitted the application.

    Disability pension can be temporary or permanent.

    The application for disability pension can be withdrawn at any time.

  • Surviving spouse's, children's and dependant's pension

    Surviving spouse's pension is a monthly benefit paid to the surviving spouse/registered partner following the death of a member of the Norwegian Public Service Pension Fund.

    You are entitled to a pension if your spouse dies one year or more after taking up a position that entitled him/her to membership of the Norwegian Public Service Pension Fund.

    Cohabitants are not entitled to a surviving spouse's pension.

    Dependant's pension ( is pension that can be paid to an employee's spouse and children.

    Children under 20 years of age are entitled to a children's pension if one of their parents dies and the deceased is a member of the Norwegian Public Service Pension Fund.

  • Senior courses and services for retired staff at OsloMet

    Oslo Metropolitan University will practise a life phase-oriented HR policy that acknowledges and makes use of the qualities, expertise and resources of our seniors. The University will take active responsibility for ensuring a constructive transition from work to retirement and help to enable individual employees to make active and informed choices about the final phase of their professional career.

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