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Mime research server

How to proceed to use Mime, a research server mainly meant for research projects with heavy computational tasks like Stata, R, SPSS and the like.



Who is Mime meant for?

  • Research server for non-sensitive data.
  • Mainly for research projects with heavy computational tasks (Stata, R, SPSS and the like).
  • User groups: mainly SVA, SPS and SAM.
  • Anyone wishing to use the Stata program (as long as there are sufficient available resources).
  • Users must notify any needs for continued access annually.
  • NB! Mime has NOT access to the internet.

Access to Mime

Send an e-mail to with a brief description of your needs and how you plan to use Mime.

Connect with Mime

  1. Go to external desktop (
  2. Klick on the Mime icon.

Software Mime (As of Nov. 2016)

  • Microsoft Office 2016, Norwegian and English (except Outlook)
  • SPSS 24
  • R v.3.3.2
  • Rstudio v.1.0.44
  • Adobe Acrobat
  • 7Zip v.16.02

Access to the following software must be ordered for each user:

  • StatTransfer v.13
  • Stata v.14 (Network)
  • MLwiN v.2.36 / v.3.0 beta

Order software

You can order software through the ICT ordering system at OsloMet. 

Notifications from Mime

Updates of software will usually be done every thir Wednesday at 10 p.m. each month. Planned shutdowns will be announced in advance. Events that concern several people will be announced in advance if considered important by the IT department. 

Recommendations and tips for using Mime

1. Restoring files

You can restore deleted files yourself.

  1. Open explorer and navigate to the relevant folder
  2. Right-click on the relevant folder and select: "Restore previous versions"
  3. Click on the sheet tab: Previous Version and select the relevant time of restoring
  4. Find the desired folder/file and select Restore.

NB! Keep in mind that Restore will overwrite existing files in the same location. Therefore, be careful to restore only single files and not entire folders.

2. «Disconnect» versus «Log Off»

All users are encouraged to "Sign out" to a greater extent.

This happens when "Signing Out"

 All programmes are closed and assigned resources are released.

  • Releasing resources that you don’t use is a good habit as Mime is a shared service.
  • Many system changes, including bug fixes and access to software will not work until you sign out completely, that is until you Sign Out and re-enter.
  • Larger probability of errors if you choose "Disconnect" for a long time.
This happens when "Disconnecting"
  • Your account and your open programmes remain active, and upon subsequent login you can continue the work where you left it off. If you have time-consuming calculations/runs that you don’t want cancelled, then you must select "Disconnect" when you leave for the day.
How to Sign Out?
  • Click the Windows key (on the keyboard), click on your username (top right), select "Sign out". Alternatively with the kay combination Alt + F4 (closes active windows).
How to Disconnect?
  • Click the Windows key (on the keyboard), click the power icon (top right) and select "Disconnect." Alternatively, click on the cross in the top right corner of the title bar.

3. Use of local D: \ versus R&D archive (R: \)

D:\Data are local disks on Mime. They conduct reading/writing jobs faster than other storage volumes. There will not be significant gains for rarely used data files and calculations with limited reading/writing operations.

Keep in mind that moving files between the local disk (D:\Data) and the R&D archive(R:\) will require an update of the file path in syntax for some programmes.

The R&D archive (R: \) is visible from both local computers and Mime, as opposed to D:\Data, which is visible only from Mime.

Generally, it is recommended to move the data files requiring a lot of work to (D:\Data) and then to move them back to the R&D archive (R: \) when the work is done.

4. Stata, package installation

If you want ADO packages that are not already installed, contact These will be added to the "Site folder" in Stata.

If it is urgent, you can download ADO packages yourself and place them in the folder: D:\Data\ado\plus. Stata is set up to look for packages in these two folders (Site and Plus), and the content is available to all Stata users.

5. R: Package Installations

Requests for packages/libraries that are not already installed can be submitted to itservicedesk@oslomet.noPackage updates take place two to three times a year.

IT Service Desk

IT Service Desk

Phone :
(+47) 67235555
E-mail :
Place/Address :
Stensbergsgaten 29 (separate entrance behind the building) , Kjeller (second floor) and P48 (first floor)
Time/Opening Hours :
Phone: Weekdays 08:00-20:00
Opening hours @ IT-Servicedesk:
SG29: Mon - Thurs 08:00 - 15:45 and Fri 08:00-15:00. Kjeller: Weekdays 09:00- 14:30. P48: Mon-Thurs 08:00-18:30 and Fri 08:00-17:00.


Url :
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System service messages

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System service messages


Url :
IT Service Desk @Teams