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Create a communication plan

Do you need to communicate something? Creating a communication plan helps you target your information for the right target group and for the right channel!

Communication is a tool used to achieve a goal. If communication is to have the effect we want, it must be properly planned. OsloMet has defined three communication goals.

Template for a communication plan

The template is designed as an aid to all employees, units and managers at OsloMet. Read also: Who is responsible for the communication going out and reaching?
Download template for communication plan (docx)
See an example of a pre-filled communication plan (docx)

What is a communication plan? 

A communication plan helps you plan what to say, when to say, where to say, and who to say - for the communication to help you reach the goal you've set.

Why should we plan before communicating?

The state's communication policy states: "Communication is an instrument similar to other means for the state to achieve desired results and must be integrated early in the work processes." See the government's communication policy (pdf from
• Communication is a tool and not an end in itself. Create a plan for what you will achieve with communication before you begin to communicate.