Bruk disse kanalene til studentkommunikasjon - Ansatt

Use the following channels for student communication

Use the following channels for student communication

You may use the following communication channels to reach students at OsloMet.

  • The student website, also called My Page for Students.
  • This is the main channel for communicating with our students. The student website has over 4700 visitors on a daily basis.
  • When the students click the Sign in-button, they log on to My Page for Students where they can find their course- and programme descriptions, schedules and news adapted to students. has different categories for information

The top navigation menu – Here you will find user-oriented information about guidelines and regulations, student affairs and campus life at OsloMet. This information is available without login.


Current news articles applicable to all students, however you may adapt news articles to only be applicable to students at specific study programmes. Only news articles applicable to all students will be published on the front page.

Do you want to inform all students at OsloMet about something? Write a news article.


  • The Events calendar for students is available from My Page, or from the navigation menu under “Campus Life”.
  • Notify the Department of External Relations and Communications about an event that should be published in the Events Calendar


All students at OsloMet have access to their student e-mail. The students are obliged to check their student e-mail.

As an employee, you may send e-mails to:


Canvas is the learning platform for students at OsloMet. Through Canvas you may communicate with all students at OsloMet, students at a faculty or students at specific course.

Information in Canvas must be academically relevant or be related to the students study programmes.

If you do not have access to publishing in Canvas, please contact the Canvas superuser at your faculty.

Stands or meeting the students

It is often easier to reach the students by talking to them or by meeting them face to face. Do you need students to participate in  a workshop or to fill out a survey? Take a walk around campus and talk to the students!

Social media

At OsloMet we consider social media as external communication channels. Social media should be used for inspiration, not information. Are you organising an exciting event that may be published on Facebook, or something inspiring that we can report in social media? Take a look at our Guidelines for Social Media.