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Indoor climate

Indoor climate

A good indoor climate is important for your health, well-being and productivity. OsloMet works for a healthy indoor climate for everyone..

Health and indoor climate

Most people do not suffer from any health issues due to the indoor climate, whereas some people will experience some.  There are individual levels of tolerance, and eventual symptoms will normally occur gradually, increase during office hours and decrease once you have left the premises.

Symptoms that can be related to the indoor climate:

  • Headaches

  • Skin issues

  • Irritations in eyes, throat or nose

  • Asthma or recurring respiratory infection

  • Concentration problems due to tiredness.

The indoor climate is affected by temperature, ventilation, air quality, cleaning, noise and lightning.

  • How to ensure a healthy indoor climate

    • Keep your desk tidy for easy cleaning access
    • Reduce the amount of papers and textiles in the office
    • Turn off computers and such when not in use. 
    • Tidy up common spaces and meeting rooms after use. 
    • Show consideration to people with allergies.

    Please talk to your supervisor if you experience issues due to a possible unhealthy indoor climate, or if you suffer from allergies that should be taken into consideration by others. 

    If there is a lack of cleaning or a temperature issue, please get in touch with Facility Management Support Service

  • What is provided by Facility management?

    • well functioning ventilation system
    • adequate cleaning
    • good arie quality and correct indoor temperature
    • measures when needed
  • Ventilation

    The ventilation system is adapted to the estimated number of people in a room. If there are there more people than estimated, the air quality will be poorer, and the temperature will raise. Are there fewer people, the temperature will drop. 

    The ventilation systems are usually operating between 06:00 and 18:00.

  • Temperature

    Arbeidstilsynet ( the Labor Inspection Authority) recommends an indoor temperature no higher than 22 °C, but are open to individual regulation. There are no absolute temperature limits in the legislation, but the employer must ensure "fully sound" working conditions. 

    In periods of the year with rapid temperature fluctuations the ventilation system can seem to be lagging since the temperature inside does not match the outdoor conditions

  • Air quality and odour nuisance

    People with asthma or allergies can be more sensitive to different odours or poor air quality, thus pets are not welcome inside, except guide or service dogs. 

    Please notify your supervisor if you have allergies or odour nuisances that require special consideration.

  • Cleaning

    Adequate and correct cleaning is important to ensure a healthy indoor climate, especially floor cleaning. It is challenging to ensure adequate cleaning in an office space with many papers, books, textiles etc. Please keep your space tidy. .

    Our cleaning products are fragrance free.  

    Please inform your supervisor if you need special cleaning due to health issues. 

  • Noise

    Unwanted or unexpected sounds can be perceived as noise, but there are individual differences to whether this is a problem. People with hearing issues and/or hearing aids are more likely to be bothered by noise, or will have problems to understand what is being said if there is a noisy environment. Please be considerate. 

  • Lightning

    To be able to work efficiently in a good working environment,  a combination of adequate natural and electrical lightning is key. Individual adaptations are important. 

  • OsloMet "house rules"

    • No pets inside, with the exception of guide or service dogs
    • No bikes inside
    • No smoking near entrance areas, please look for indicated smoking areas
    • Please use recycling stations





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