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HSE support functions

HSE support functions

A distinction is made between central and local HSE work.

Central support functions

Within their areas of competence and responsibility, the departments of the Central Administration are responsible for following up regulatory requirements as well as OsloMet's own requirements.

Responsibilities and duties may be specified in separate guidelines.

Department of HR

The department  of HR should be OsloMet’s overriding competence center within education and the areas of organisational and psychosocial working environment. This includes monitoring and facilitation for the individual employee.

Department of Facilities Management

The Department of Facilities Management is responsible for safety, emergency preparedness and fire prevention and must ensure that all employees are guaranteed a satisfactory physical working environment. The Department of Facilities Management is responsible for ensuring that OsloMet complies with regulatory requirements as well as its own objectives with regards to the external environment.

Guidelines for central support functions

Local HSE work (in faculties and the central administration)

The Section for HR should be a HSE competence unit  for managers and employees in the faculties.

The Department of HR has a similar function towards managers and employees in the Central Administration.

Duties may be specified in separate guidelines.

HSE coordinators



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