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OsloMet’s prizes

OsloMet’s prizes

OsloMet awards prizes to employees and academic communities that have excelled in relevant areas throughout the year.

OsloMet annually awards different prizes in accordance with the institution's purpose:

Who qualifies for the prizes?

Student of the year will be awarded to a student whose efforts towards other students and towards the study and learning environment have proved outstanding and who is seen as role model for other students.

The working environment prize is meant to be an appreciation and an encouragement to environments or employees who have made a special effort for the working environment at OsloMet.

Suggest candidates

Proposals for candidates can be promoted by faculties, departments, employees and academic environments at OsloMet, student committees, the Student Parliament and other entities.

The proposal must be justified. A candidate may be put forward for several prizes, and one proposer may suggest more candidates for the same prize. A prize can be shared between two or more prize winners.