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Nominee for the R&D, Dissemination and Innovation awards!

Do you know of anyone at OsloMet who has excelled in research, research dissemination or innovation? Please nominate before the deadline expires September 30th 2020.

The purpose of the R&D, Dissemination and Innovation awards is to give an appreciation that stimulates and inspires the prize recipients and their environments at OsloMet. The prices are NOK 60,000 and will be used to continue the work of the person, group, environment or project.

You can nominate individuals, groups, environments or the project at the three awards, before September 30th 2020. It is important that you provide a good reason for why your candidate deserves the award:

The R&D-award:

The Dissemination award:

The Innovation award:

In 2019, the R&D award went to Marit Haldar at the interdisciplinary research group WATT at the Department of Social Studies, and the Dissemination Prize went to the research group Social Nutrition at the Department of Nursing and Health Promotion.

More about the R&D award

The R&D award will raise awareness of the research and development work at OsloMet and inspire the development of this business. The award is awarded to a staff member or a professional community who has excelled in research or development work of very high quality. Emphasis is placed on societal relevance and recognition in national and international research environments as well as on the candidate's contribution to the development of the academic environment. The prize money will be used for measures that will further strengthen the prize-maker's R&D environment.

More about the Dissemination award

The dissemination prize is awarded to employees and professional communities who actively disseminate professional knowledge in an excellent way to society and working life. Emphasis is placed on user-oriented and general-purpose high-quality dissemination in various dissemination channels. The prize money will be used for measures that strengthen the professional community's profiling and dissemination activities.

More about the innovation award

The Innovation Prize will raise awareness of innovation at OsloMet, and inspire development in this area at this university. The award is awarded to an employee, professional environment or project, who has, or has been associated with OsloMet, and who, through innovation, has distinguished himself on or outside OsloMet. The recipient (s) has made a special effort to promote innovation to students and staff at OsloMet, and in a way that results from the innovation work is also utilized outside OsloMet. Emphasis is placed on the candidate's contribution to promoting new ideas and ideas that are utilized, new and innovative ways of working, and / or that a particularly increased degree of innovation in projects / initiatives is facilitated. The prize money will be used for measures that further strengthen innovation at OsloMet.