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Tools and support

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Translation advice

In accordance with OsloMet’s guidelines, quite a lot of the information at OsloMet should be available in both Norwegian and English. Take a look at the available resources you can use when you need to translate a text into English.

When do you have to provide an English version of your text?

Take a look at Guidelines relating to information in English to find out if you need to make sure that the information is available in both Norwegian and English.

Use internal resources first

Please use internal resources before you contact an external supplier. 

  •  If you are going to write a letter, an e-mail or a presentation in English, but you are uncertain about the terminology, you may use our resource page for English terminology to get you on the right track!

  •  If you are not comfortable with translating the text into English yourself, you might have someone in your unit who can help you.

  • If you have any questions relating to terminology, please do not hesitate so send an e-mail to

  • Documents applicable for OsloMet as a whole, such as regulations, agreements and forms, may be sent to

Translation tips

Remember, translation does not necessary mean that you have to translate the text word-by-word. The important thing is that the meaning and the message gets through to the reader!

Please consider the following:

  • Who is the target group? Does the target group need additional information to understand the text, due to e.g. cultural differences? International target groups that do not have the same references as Norwegian target groups often need a bit more information in order to understand the text.

  •  Should the text include the exact same information as the Norwegian text or is it sufficient with a summary/abstract?

  • What kind of text is it? A text for a website, an article, or a formal letter? Specific requirements relating to composition/manner of writing may apply depending on the text in question: Formal language,  spesific terminology etc.

Order a translation from an external supplier

If you want to order a translation from an external agency, you have to use our supplier Allegro Language Services. OsloMet has a framework agreement with Allegro Language Services including both administrative and scientific texts.

How to order a translation.

Contact information