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Erasmus+ Mobility Grant for Training Purposes

Erasmus+ Mobility Grant for Training Purposes

Erasmus+ mobility grant for training purposes provides staff members at OsloMet with the opportunity for professional development required for their current job by visiting a partner institution, enterprise, organisation, school, government agency or similar, in Europe.

The training grant may be used for visits to one on OsloMet’s Erasmus + partner institutions in Europe or to an enterprise, organisation, school, government agency etc.  The aim is that you shall learn something by spending some time there, e.g. through seminars, workshops, Erasmus Partner Week, job shadowing, language courses etc. Please note: You may NOT apply for financial support to attend conferences (only seminars and workshops).

What you learn must be useful in your everyday work and contribute to internationalisation at OsloMet.  

Where can I go?

You have many possibilities when finding out where you want to go. OsloMet cooperates with partner institutions in most countries included in Erasmus +. This includes the 28 EU-countries, in addition to Iceland, Liechtenstein, Turkey, North Macedonia and Serbia. Please contact the Erasmus+ team to find out where you can go. You may also visit enterprises, organisations, schools, government agencies etc. in the Erasmus + countries.

  • Overview of Staff Training Events at OsloMet's Erasmus + partner institutions
  • Imotion,  an online platform for "staff training events" arranged in Europe. 
  • Language course: If you need to improve youre language skills in your everyday work at OsloMet, you can apply for Erasmus+ training grant to attend a language course in a country where the language is the official language. Please look out options at the following institutions:

Brexit: You can apply for Erasmus+ grants to travel to the UK in the autumn semester 2021 according to the other Erasmus+ criteria and within the deadlines.

What are the conditions for applying for a grant?

Award criteria for Erasmus+ mobility grants

Your visit must be clarified with your Head of Section.

  • The visit must have a duration of minimum four days (where at least two days must include academic activities), maximum two months.
  • The grant can be used for visits to a partner institution, enterprise, school, organisation or government agency. 
  • You may only visit one partner institution per grant (this also applies to enterprises, schools, organisations etc.).
  • You cannot receive a mobility grant for activities funded by other EU-cooperation programmes/projects.
  • Additional requirement for language courses: Scholarship recipient must follow language courses organised in places where it is possible to practice the current language also outside the course schedule.


The next application deadline is 15th May for staff exchange in the Autumn semester 2021. Please use the online application form to apply.

To find out what information you need to fill out the form, please take a look at Application form Erasmus + Training Grant 


We have gathered some stories as examples of how to use the Erasmus+ Mobility Grant for professional development. Take a look and be inspired!