Formidling og publisering - Ansatt

Dissemination and publication

Dissemination and publication


Researchers and research publications are continually evaluated. Research is also subject to performance-based funding. Therefore, it is important to have knowledge about the evaluation of the main performance parameters. Read more about Bibliometrics - citation analysis and research evaluation.

Library and research support

The University Library helps you with literature searches and access to sources, Open access and publication, visibility and research dissemination, writing support and library support.


The Current research information system in Norway – Cristin shall document, present, and make quality-assured data about research publicly available.


Visibility of research - Make your research visible in search engines and create a researcher profile with a digital identifier that distinguishes you from other researchers. Tips on how to disseminate and promote your article and how to track it in social media and other channels.

Open Access

Open Access (OA) to research publications and research data implies that this information is made available to everyone online.


There are several elements to bear in mind during a publication process. If you for instance intend to apply to foreign research funders for funding, you need to make conscious choices about which journals to publish in.