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The Working Environment Committee

The Working Environment Committee

The Working Environment Committee (WEC) is an advisory and decision-making body dealing with issues related to the working environment at HiOA.

Information about meetings, cases, minutes and the members of WEC.

The committee’s mandate

WEC is a cooperation committee for planning and organisation in the HSE work - to safeguard the safety, health and welfare of the employees. The committee is an advisory and decision-making body. WEC may prepare and adopt measures to safeguard the safety and working environment of the employees. WEC also has a follow-up responsibility for measures relating to the working environment.

The committee’s composition

The AMU is composed of five members from the employer party and five members from the employee party. All members have personal deputies. The employer representatives are designated by the rector. The employee representatives are appointed by the chief safety delegate and four members designated / appointed by the trade unions.

WEC may establish local working environment committees and other subcommittees.