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Work glasses and computer glasses

The physical design of the workplace and the interaction between man and software (user interface) are important factors in the adaption of computer work.

With reference to the "Regulations on organisation, management and employee participation, section 14-4", HiOA wishes to adapt the work for employees who regularly work in front of computer screens. A part of this adaption process consists in acquiring glasses to be used when working in front of the computer screen to reduce and avoid strain.

Reimbursement of expenses

You will receive a full reimbursement for the expenses associated with the eye examination. The cost of the lenses required to create a good work situation is also entirely covered. In addition, you will receive a reimbursement for the frame with up to NOK 800,. You must yourself pay for expenses beyond this amount.

The need for computer glasses must be officially documented in each case by an ophthalmologist or a publicly approved optician (member of the Norwegian Opticians Association) if the employee wishes to receive a reimbursement of the expenses.

The cost of the eye examination and the computer glasses is charged to the unit you belong to.


Before purchasing the computer glasses, you must clarify with your immediate manager with HR responsibility. The application form «arbeidsbriller til bruk ved dataskjerm»  (word-file, only in Norwegian) must then be filled out.

  • You must have a real need for computer glasses. If you already have glasses that suit your needs, you will not be entitled to computer glasses.
  • The distance between the computer screen and your eyes at your ideal working position must be measured and noted on the form and then certified by your immediate manager, preferably in consultation with the physiotherapist, before the optician or doctor assesses your vision.
  • The need must be approved in each case by a doctor or a publicly approved optician (member of the Norwegian Opticians Association), who must sign the form.
  • You pay the bill for the eye examination and the computer glasses.
  • The reimbursement of the expenses must be registered in the SAP portal.
  • Remember that the expenses for the frame will be covered with a maximum of NOK 800, and that you must yourself cover any costs beyond this amount.
  • SAP uses the term "terminal glasses" for computer glasses. You must select the category "terminal glasses" in the SAP portal when registering the expenses.
  • You must scan, upload or take a picture of original receipts, the application form, and any additional assessments made by the optician, and save it to your computer before registering the reimbursement in the SAP portal.
  • See guide for reimbursement of expenses.


If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact your local HR contact.