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Strategy funds and portfolio management

Strategy funds and portfolio management

Do you wish to start up a project or apply for strategy funds at OsloMet? Here you will find the guidelines and the project proposal template you should follow.

Strategy funds are funds are allocated annually for special measures and projects that support OsloMet's strategy. 

What are the criterias for being allocated strategy funds?

You can promote proposals of strategy funds for measures that meet one or more of the following criteria:

a) Proposals that may contribute to a more efficient goal achievement. The proposals must refer to specific goals in OsloMet's overall strategy and emphasis must be placed on substantiating goal achievement.

b) Proposals that may increase administrative or academic efficiency. The suggestions must highlight potential benefits and their realization of these.

c) Proposals that can provide OsloMet with a new and valuable position. Emphasis must be placed on substantiating effects.

How to apply?

The application process takes place in mainly two rounds:

  • You start by describing your idea in part one of the project idea template. The project ideas are sorted and prioritized by the Council of Services. The Council decides which ideas will continue developing the idea into a project proposal.
  • If your idea is prioritized in the first round, you will flesh out the idea in the project proposal template. The project proposals are prioritized by OsloMet’s Portfolio Board. The Portfolio Board recommends funding for the projects to rector, who then proposes funding for the projects to the University Board.

The process takes place in two rounds to make sure that proposers spend time developing proposals for the most beneficial ideas.

The templates are to be submitted in OsloMet’s archiving and case processing system, Public360, on case number 19/04995. The templates needs to be approved by a manager at level 2 (i.e. Dean, Centre leader, Director of Division) to be valid for consideration.

How are the project ideas and proposals assessed?

The project ideas are assessed by the Council of Services (comprised of OsloMets directors), in co-operation with pro-deans of the faculties.

Project ideas that are approved by the Council of Services will undergo a concept-phase, leading up to a project proposal.

The project proposals are assessed by OsloMet’s Porfolio Board. The Portfolio Board recommends strategy funding for the projects.

The Portfolio Board is comprised of:

  • Director of Corporate Governance (head of board)
  • Director of Digitalization and Infrastructure
  • Pro-rector of education
  • Vice-rector of research and development
  • Head of the Centre for Welfare and Labour Research
  • Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences
  • Dean of the Faculty of Education and International Studies
  • Director of the Faculty of Social Sciences
  • Director of the Faculty of Technology, Art and Design
  • A representative from the Student Parliament

Projects that needs to be assessed before the project can start

New projects with scheduled start the following year must be submitted with the project proposal template if at least one of the following criteria has been met:

  • The project requires ICT resources or project staff from the faculty
  • The project has a direct effect on the daily lives of UF employees (teaching and research employees)
  • The project has a budget of minimum 1.5M NOK

The above-mentioned criteria does not apply to research projects and academic development projects (i.e. inquiries for new study programmes).

Annual cycle: deadlines and progress

  • June 10th: Deadline for submitting project ideas.
  • September 15th: Deadline for submitting project proposals.
  • October: Prioritization conference – The Portfolio Board assess and recommends prioritization of project proposals.
  • October: after processing in the rector’s management meeting, the rector decides the prioritization of projects in the portfolio.
  • End of October: prioritized projects are required to submit a project plan.
  • End of November: deadline for the submission of project plans.
  • Mid December: The Council of Services decides the portfolio plan.

OsloMet's project portfolio and allocated strategy funds 2018

The portfolio office

The portfolio office is a support function for the portfolio management process and project implementation. The office is a network consisting of representatives from the Section for Corporate Performance and Management and the Department of ICT. The office has competence in project management, ICT, business architecture and financial management. Its tasks consist in preparing documentation for the prioritization of projects, keeping track of the status of implementation and profit realization on projects in the portfolio and in guiding project owners and project managers in the preparation of project templates and project implementation. The portfolio office is headed by Kent Grødem in the Department of Finances.

Contact: Portefoljekontor@365.oslomet.no

Download templates

Download the template for project idea.

The template for project proposal will be made available shortly.

You can find other templates for project management on the website for project tools