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User account and admission card

IT user account and password

Your IT account provides access to computers, email, internal services and tools offered by OsloMet. You can also change your password here and order a new admission card.


About IT user account

Your IT account ( gives you access to the computers, internal services and resources/tools offered on OsloMet's network.

  1. You will be assigned a username and an activation password upon the start of your employment.
  2. Activate your user account by using the activation password.
  3. Create your own personal password upon initial login.

On your IT user account you can:

Through your user account you will be able to see  which file servers you have access to from outside. Your user account also lets you manage your visibility in searching, order a new admission card and change your password.

  • Activate user accounts (for new employees).
  • Change your password.
  • Forgot your password? Receive a temporary password via SMS if you have forgotten your password. Note! You must already have registered a Norwegian mobile number in My profile.
  • Order a new admission card.
  • Change the PIN for your admission card.
  • Request confidentiality of mobile number and / or picture in search on OsloMet's websites (
  • Get information about file servers for your home- and/or common directory when you need access from outside.

Guest account and wireless guest network

How to order guest accounts for visitors, such as guest speaker / lecturer.

  • The guest account provides access to login on OsloMet PC's, the wireless network-eduroam and a home directory.
  • The guest account is valid up to 1 month. Read more about guest account here.
  • Only a OsloMet employee can order a guest account. The employee is responsible for the activities of the person or the persons who are given access to the network.


Wireless guest network "OsloMet Guest"

The wireless guest network "OsloMet Guest" is only for visitors who do not have a user account on OsloMet. If you already have a OsloMet username or if you are a visitor / guest from another educational institution, please log in to the wireless network eduroam.

  • The guest account is valid for 12 hours and can be used on up to three - 3 - devices.

How to connect to "OsloMet Guest" network by shorter stays.

Locked User Account

Your user account will be locked if you have failed six – 6 – times in a row when logging into a OsloMet PC.

To unlock your account you must either wait 30 minutes or contact BIT.

User account guidelines

To access OsloMet's network and internal services, employees must be correctly registered in the User Administration System (Brukeradministrativt system / BAS)

Contact your local HR Executive Officer or HR Manager if there are errors or deficiencies in your user account.

Assigning usernames at OsloMet

Username is automatically assigned by your local HR Executive Officer/ HR manager upon registration in BAS.

Keep in mind that username must be written with lowercase letters when logging into computers, services and resources on OsloMet.

Requirement for valid ID number

You must be registered with a valid Norwegian national identity number or D-number in BAS in order  to be assigned a username and a password at OsloMet.


Your OsloMet password must be changed every three – 3 – months.

  • Your password is strictly personal and must _not_ be shared with anyone.
  • If your password has been leaked, you should immediately change it and notify IT Support (BIT).

Read about password requirements for the user account.

Password for Wi-Fi and PC

Your OsloMet password works for all systems and services at OsloMet but login with your username might be different on some systems/services.
  • Login to PC on campus:
    • Username: <OsloMet username>
    • Password: <your OsloMet password>
  • Login to Wi-Fi / eduroam:
    • Username: <>
    • Password: <your OsloMet password>

Forgotten or change your password

You can receive a temporary password via SMS if you forget it or if you have not changed it by the deadline.

1. Requirements for using the SMS service

In order to receive a SMS with a temporary password, your mobile number must be registered in My profile or in the User Administration system (BAS).

Check if your mobile number is registered in My profile.

In My profile you can:

  • Register a Norwegian mobile phone number.
  • Request confidentiality of your mobile phone number in search on OsloMet's websites.
2. Receive a temporary password by SMS

Select the menu: Forgotten password (user account).

3. Replace the temporary password with your personal password

Please follow the instructions on the website when ordering a temporary password.

Important information regarding password change

  • Turn off the internet connection on your mobile devices before changing your password.
  • Log off and on your office computer after changing your password to get all the services to function with the new password.
  • If you are changing your password via a portable computer or an office computer, please turn off the internet connection on your smartphone and/or tablet to avoid problems with the password synchronisation .
  • Please remember to change the password on your mobile devices, e.g. password for wireless network (eduroam), for your email account and for the VPN connection.

See the password requirements.

Problems connecting eduroam after having changed your password?

Are you having problems connecting  your PC or Mac to eduroam (wi-fi) after having changed your password? You must delete your old eduroam profile on the device to connect to eduroam at OsloMet.

How to delete an old euroam profile on Windows 10 or macOS.

Access Feide for public services

In order to gain access to public services, i.e. FEIDE services such as paycheck, hour registration and travel settlement in the SAP portal, you must be registered with a valid Norwegian national identity number or D-number.

You get free access to a number of software via Feide services.

Check your Feide access here and add more services if needed: Login to Feide Innsyn.

Contact HR

You must contact your local HR Executive Officer or HR manager if you are not able to access OsloMet's network or FEIDE services. They will check if your user account is correctly registered in BAS. Contact HR.

What is My profile

My profile is the employee profile visible in search on the domains on, i.e. your employee profile appears both in search on / and the intranet Nettarbeidsplassen (

You can edit or update My profile here with room and building location, change / add mobile number (and reserve the visibility of number), update your administrative field and/or discipline areas, publications / projects you have contributed in and more.

HR has the responsibility for ensuring that your personal information is correct in the personnel database. Contact your local HR contact if personal data is incorrect.

Photo on My profile and the admission card

Please note that when you receive you admission card, your photo is visible on My profile which appears in the search on the domains of and in Outlook e-mail client unless you resquest confidentiality in your user account (BITadmin).

Change your profile photo

If you want a new photo or change the existing on My profile and the admission card, you must contact the Card Center in P46 or at the service centre at Kjeller.

A new profile photo will be visible the day after normally. If not, contact the Card Center / service centre at Kjeller.

Press photo

If you need a press photo, please contact Press photos are posted on OsloMet's profile on Flickr. You can easily link to the press photo or set of images on Flickr from My profile.

Request of confidentiality

Request confidentiality of your mobile phone number and/or photo in search

1. On My profile you can request confidentiality of your mobile phone number.

2. On your user account (BITadmin) you can request confidentiality of your mobile phone number and/or photo.

Photo and/or mobile number will not appear in online searches on the Web ( or in Outlook.

You have three options when requesting confidentiality of information that would otherwise be displayed:
  1. Display of all your personal data
  2. Display of your mobile number
  3. Display of your photo

Note the following:

If you request confidentiality of all your personal data, your user profile on OsloMet will not appear in the online search on the web pages under the domain

You may also have trouble with issuing a new admission card at the card centre as your profile will not be displayed in any online searches.

The IT Department recommends staff to not request confidentiality of all personal data.

Search for your profile here - for students and staff (

Confidentiality of photo in Fronter

If you have requested confidentiality of your photo in search and this is not taken into account in Fronter, please contact:

See also

Security guidelines for username and password.

Ofte stilte spørsmål om brukerkonto og passord

  1. Hvordan bytter jeg passord?

    Gå til adminsiden for IT-kontoen din ( Velg Bytte passord eller Glemt passord - følg instruksene.

  2. Har glemt passordet mitt, hva nå?

    Gå til adminsiden for IT-kontoen din ( Velg Glemt passord - følg instruksene.

  3. Kan jeg endre brukernavnet mitt?
    I særskilte tilfeller tillater vi endring av brukernavn. Kontakt for mer informasjon.
  4. Brukernavnet mitt fungerer ikke på Eduroam?
    På eduroam må du legge til etter brukernavnet ditt. Brukernavnet ditt har altså formen
  5. Hvordan får jeg nytt bilde på nettsidene?
    Kontakt kortsenteret i resepsjonen i P46, eller på Kjeller. Der får du hjelp til å ta et nytt bilde. Det nye bildet blir synlig i systemene  våre etter cirka en dag.
  6. Jeg skal slutte, hva skjer med kontoen min da?

    Du mister tilgangene til OsloMets systemer, IT-utstyr, feide den dagen du slutter. Du får varsel på epost om dette 14 dager før du slutter.

    Endelig sluttdato bestemmes av nærmeste leder og HR. Kontakt leder dersom sluttdatoen din er uklar.

IT Service Desk