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Study trips and temporary stays at the Oslo Region European Office

Study trips and temporary stays at the Oslo Region European Office

OsloMet is a member of the Oslo Region European Office (ORE). ORE's offices and meeting rooms are located in Brussels, and researchers and administrative staff at OsloMet are given the opportunity for a temporary stay here.

Interested in a temporary stay or a short study trip in Brussels?

OsloMet is a member of the Oslo Region European Office, and staff can apply for temporary stays with them in Brussels. Visiting staff will be given their own office space for a period of between two weeks and three months.

The European Office can also receive groups (research groups or other groups of staff) from OsloMet who wish to take part in a short study trip to Brussels.

Funding of the stay

Your unit/superior must approve the application regarding a temporary stay or a study trip.

Staff going on a temporary stay or a longer study trip can alternatively apply for funding through the programme Erasmus+.

If the stay in Brussels is related to positioning and specific applications to the EU’s programmes, the Research and Development department may grant applications to fund the stay in the form of internationalisation grants. In both instances, individual applications for financial support must be submitted.

How to apply

Application deadline

Application deadlines for stays in Brussels are twice a year. Contact Vera Østensen for more information.

Apply for a temporary stay

  • Read detailed information about how to apply for a temporary stay (pdf).
  • Write your application in a normal text document and include the following information:
    • The timeframe and how long you want to stay. Please also give alternative timeframes if possible.
    • An explanation of why a temporary stay with us is interesting and relevant for you, and some ideas about how you would like to spend your time in Brussels.
    • Whether you have discussed the matter with your employer and have been granted permission to apply, or whether this must be done afterwards.
  • Send the application to OsloMet's representative in ORE’s contact group, Vera Østensen for R&D:

Apply for a study trip