OsloMet condemns the acts of war


Photo of Fyrhuset at campus Pilestredet.

OsloMet condemns the acts of war

Rector Christen Krogh strongly condemns the attacks on civilians in Palestine. OsloMet provides support services for students and staff affected by the war in the Middle East.

"It is heartbreaking to witness the horrifying acts of war unfolding in Palestine. The losses and sufferings are immense, and we condemn the state of Israel's attacks on civilians and civilian infrastructure. There are no excuses for the abuses we are witnessing. These are by no means proportionate reactions to the attacks by Hamas in Israel, which we also condemn.", says rector at OsloMet, Christen Krogh. 

"We must achieve an immediate humanitarian ceasefire.", says Krogh.

"Many of our students and employees are struggling. Some may have lost family members, friends, and colleagues in their home country or fear for their lives. It is important that we see each other and take good care of those who are currently facing extra difficulties. The university provides support services for those in need of someone to talk to.", says Krogh.

Read the statement from OsloMet's rector, Christen Krogh, expressing OsloMet's solidarity with civilian war victims.

Services from the company health service

OsloMet will support and show care for students and staff at OsloMet who are affected by the situation.

Employees can speak to their immediate supervisor if they wish.

You can also contact the company health service directly to arrange a conversation. Each employee has the opportunity to have up to three sessions.

The conversation is confidential, and managers do not have access to knowing who has requested and conducted sessions with the company health service.

Send an email directly to kundesenter@avonova.no to schedule a session.

In the email, include:

  • Order number: 429703
  • Employee's name
  • Phone number
  • Date of birth, not personal identification number

You will then be assigned an appointment time via email and SMS, with information about the meeting place and how to contact them if the timing is not suitable. There is a three-day cancellation deadline.

Support services for students

Students at OsloMet have access to several support services. Here you can find information about the offerings to refer students to: