Student of the year 2022


The student of the year smiles for the camera together with the acting vice-chancellor for education and leader of the student parliament.

Photo: Wiktoria Sobota

Student of the year 2022

Mari Victoria Fleinsjø Bjerknes, who studies cultural management at OsloMet, won the Student of the Year 2022 award.

- It feels very nice. Thank you very much, Fleinsjø Bjerknes said after she had received the award.

She was one of a total of 19 nominees who took part in the selection of Student of the Year 2022. A big reason why she won the award is that in the last year she worked with the Diversity initiative at the Department of Art, Design and Drama, which is part of A better student experience at OsloMet ( Here, as part of a larger student group, she has contributed to conducting study groups at the institute and increasing understanding of various diversity challenges. She has had a particular focus on OsloMet's art collection as well as universal design at OsloMet in general.

Head of studies at the Department of Art, Design and Drama Petter W. Hansen emphasizes the good dialogue between those involved in the project. This has, according to him, been crucial in bringing about academic activities that are both effective and mean something to the students.

- Throughout the pandemic - and on the way out - Mari has been a significant contributor and an important link between staff and students in this academic work, says Hansen.

The jury on the winner

Student of the year, a prize awarded annually by the vice-chancellor for education, who is also the head of the jury. The jury also consists of the vice-rector for R&D (Research and Development), two external student representatives from other institutions, a representative from the student parliament's work committee and two employee representatives from the university board.

Acting vice-rector for education Silje Bringsrud Fekjær highlights the width of Fleinsjø Bjerkenes' involvement. She believes this will benefit both the department, faculty and society.

- Mari Victoria Fleinsjø Bjerknes has made an impressive effort, which is of great importance to several people in the field of universal design, says Bringsrud Fekjær.

See the presentation of the award

Excerpt from the jury's statement about the winner

"The student of the year has received one of the best nomination texts this year. The student has performed far beyond what can be expected.

The student of the year has worked to make OsloMet more inclusive for queer, visually impaired, blind and international students to name a few. Through knowledge and exploration on the topic of art communication, several works from our art collection are now available in several languages ​​- in Braille and through audio files. The National Museum has shown an interest in how she and OsloMet work with this very thing, and it shows that the work extends into society and beyond what is expected of an individual student.

The student of the year has a special commitment to making the university accessible to more people. This is an important and valued part of an inclusive study and learning environment."


The other finalists for the Students of the Year 2022 award were:

  • Mikkel Frydenlund Sibe
  • Kjerstin Helene Sollie Østenseth
  • Aileen Maddatu Macahilig