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Safety inspection rounds

Safety inspection rounds

HSE guide for safety inspection rounds

Mapping the physical working environment is part of the systematic HSE work.

Below is a template for preparation, implementation and supplementary work. HSE talks and inspection rounds may be prepared at the same time and their supplementary work can be conducted in parallel in order to reduce meeting time.


The manager and the safety representative meet up to:

  • Review the documentation from the previous safety inspection round
  • Determine how the inspection round is to be carried out (should special circumstances be mapped - is there a need for external assistance – e.g. the occupational health service?)
  • Decide on a date and time and create a plan for the inspection round
  • Send a message to all employees with the inspection round questionnaire as an attachment so that they can notify in advance about circumstances that should be mapped

Safety inspection round

The manager (the one responsible or the one who has been delegated HSE tasks in the relevant buildings), the HSE coordinator and the safety representative conduct the inspection round. Employees participate in their workplaces in order to provide information during the inspection. The assessment form for the inspection round is completed along the way (form attached).

Supplementary work

The manager and the safety representative will fill out an action plan when measures are conducted. The manager gives feedback on which measures are prioritised and the employees are kept informed about actions and progress plans.

Inspection round forms and action plans are archived. Implemented measures will be issued as soon as possible.

Assessment form for the inspection round (PDF).



Senior advisor Karin L. Bakke

Phone :
67 23 50 56
E-mail :

Chief safety delegate Marthe Eikum-Tang

Phone :
67 23 54 59
E-mail :
Place/Address :
Pilestredet 46, 3rd floor (PA443)

Deputy chief safety delegate Jon Ingar Holtet (Faculty Safety Delegate for Faculty of Education and International Studies)