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Guidelines for gifts

Guidelines for gifts

If you are going to buy a gift for a colleague or employee, you must follow the university's guidelines for gifts and appreciation. The guidelines apply, among other things, to appreciation at jubilee and retirement, and to the purchase of wreaths or flowers at funerals or funerals. Note that the guidelines for gifts have been revised as of 02.01.2024.

State employers cannot give gifts to employees without a special occasion, it is therefore a prerequisite for the gift regulations to apply that the event is connected to some event. The gift regulations apply both to appreciation at jubilee, retirement and retirement, as well as the purchase of wreaths or flowers at funerals and burials.

  1. One Christmas present is given per employee from OsloMet. It is the same Christmas present for all employees, regardless of the employee's unit, distributed by the person representing the employer (the university). There is no opportunity to cover Christmas gifts from an underlying entity with OsloMet's funds, or with funds from external sources managed by OsloMet. The maximum value for a Christmas present in 2023 is NOK 400; the amount can be revised annually.
  2. OsloMet does not cover, either by invoice or refund, gifts for occasions other than those specified in the gift regulations.
  3. OsloMet cannot give gifts to charitable purposes or organisations, either in the name of employees or in OsloMet's own name. Funds allocated to OsloMet cannot be used for purposes that are not described in the allocation letters from KD, which state that goals and frameworks are linked to education, research and communication.
  4. Smaller attention gifts can be given, e.g. flowers, at approx. NOK 350 (as of January 2024) e.g. shipping, to employees for extraordinary efforts, in the event of illness and death in close family and for other special welfare reasons.
  5. Smaller attention gifts can be given to lecturers, guest lecturers and other externals who do not receive a fee for the assignment, limited to approximately NOK 350 (as of January 2024). Profile articles should preferably be given out as gifts to speakers etc.
  6. Upon employment and resignation, all employees are given a flower to the value stated in point 4. When a gift/gift card is given in accordance with points 7 - 9 of the gift regulations, flowers of the same value as stated in point 4 are given.
  7. Employees (defined as permanent employees, fellows, employees on a fixed-term contract and employees on a temporary contract with a duration of at least one year) who turn 50, 60 or 70 receive a gift or gift card of NOK 4,000.
  8. Employees who have 20, 30 and 40 years of service at the university receive a gift or gift card of NOK 4,000.
  9. Employees who retire and employees who resign from their position after at least 10 years of service receive a gift or gift card of NOK 4,000. The personnel manager, in consultation with HR, can decide on cases where a gift card is not given by the employer, if there are special reasons for this.
  10. In connection with the marking of the events in points 7 - 9, an event can be held with a cost framework in accordance with the Norwegian Personnel Handbook section 10.11.3, 3 b. As of 1 January 2024, this rate is up to NOK 507 per participant. The government's rates for hospitality are adjusted annually.
  11. It is possible to give smaller gifts of attention, e.g. flowers, to employees who resign, regardless of how long they have worked at the company. In addition, an event can be held for up to NOK 1,000.
  12. In connection with the death of an employee/pensioner, the faculty/department/section buys wreaths or flowers in accordance with local customs and usage.
  13. In special cases, a floral greeting from OsloMet can be given centrally in the event of an employee's death. This is decided by center managers, deans and vice-chancellors.
  14. A gift from the own unit is given to candidates on completion of the defense.
  15. For all gift giving and appreciation, OsloMet's ethical guidelines must be followed.
  16. Center managers, deans and vice-chancellors can in special cases, after special justification from the unit, assess appreciation that falls outside the rules in 7 - 9. The justification and approval must accompany the order or the reimbursement case.

Gift cards, flowers and food must be ordered on Min bestilling.

Expenses within these guidelines are covered by the faculty's, center's or department's budget, with the exception of the floral greeting from OsloMet central.

Notes to the guidelines

  • Employees at OsloMet who, through reorganization, have transferred from another institution will have their employment at that institution taken into account.
  • Permanent and temporary service in full-time and part-time positions is included. Leave regulated in the collective agreement is counted as service time.
  • The regulations do not apply in cases where the employee has another main employer.
  • It is the immediate manager with personnel responsibility who is responsible for ensuring that the employees in the unit are appreciated.
  • The events are organized by the unit itself, and can be shared by several employees when conditions are right for it.

The guidelines apply from 2 January 2024.