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Rector’s management meeting

Rector’s management meeting

Rector's management meeting is an advisory body of the rector.


The management meeting consists of the rectorate, the director of the Division of Organization and Infrastructure , the deans, the head of centres and the head of the student parliament. In addition, the communications director participates as an observer.


The management meeting is the rector's advisory body.

Work methods, agenda and deadlines

  • The management team has weekly meetings every Tuesday.
  • Cases put forward for processing in the rector's management meeting must be brought up via the line. The agenda is set by the rector.
  • Case documents are distributed to the meeting participants on Thursday  the week before the scheduled meeting.
  • The agenda for the management meeting is sent out to the meeting participants as well as to the directors of academic affairs in the central administration on Wednesday before the scheduled meeting
  • If you are responsible for a case that has been put forward to the rector's management meeting, you may have the opportunity to participate as an observer during the meeting. Sign up in advance if you wish to participate by sending an e-mail to

Template for the registration of cases

  • Cases that are to be processed in the rector's management meeting must registered in this template: Download template (docx)
  • Once the case has been registered in the template by the case officer, it must be reported via the line, that is to the immediate manager.
  • Case documents must be sent to the rector's staff by at least one week ahead of the meeting in which the case is to be addressed.

Decisions and information flow

  • Decisions are made by the rector. Decision notes must be registered in P360, and approved by the rector. 
  • The managers in the management team are responsible for maintaining the line communication in their own line as well as ensuring that the rest of the line is informed about cases of interest to the organisation.