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OTRS is OsloMet's primary case processing system for incoming inquiries, orders, incidents and the like.

Request access? 

Contact the IT service desk to request queues, accesses and, if necessary, help related to OTRS. 


Always connect to eduVPN to access OTRS if you are working from home. 

  • Access to OTRS without VPN

    To access your cases in OTRS without VPN, you can log in via direct links. 

  • OTRS as ticket management system 

    OTRS is used to handle inquiries and/or incidents (tickets). Incoming inquiries are sorted into queues which in turn are available to one or more caseworkers. 

    Templates and processes 

    It is a flexible system that can be adapted to the individual area of use with templates and logical processes that make case processing simple and seamless. 

    The queue and prioritization of cases 

    The cases come in a queue, and cases are usually processed according to the "first in, first out" principle, or according to priority. 

    The cases can have different priorities, which means that high-priority cases come first in the queue. 

    Reported cases can be categorized and marked so that it is easy to extract statistics on different types of inquiries/incidents.

    Ticket processing in OTRS 

    It is also possible for the case worker to enter a case directly/manually in OTRS. 

    Transfer of case to another unit 

    Tickets sent to the wrong unit can be easily transferred to the right processing body. 

    Continue a case or split a case into several sub-cases 

    Tickets to be processed by several instances can be set up with automatic work processes where either the case is first processed by one unit and then forwarded to the next processing instance, or by splitting the case into several different sub-cases that are sent to the relevant processing instance. 

    Notification of changes 

    The case worker can be notified of new cases or changes by email. OTRS is available on mobile phones and tablets.