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OsloMet on-boarding

OsloMet on-boarding

OsloMet START is the introduction programme for new employees at OsloMet. Here you will find useful information for your day to day work life.

Welcome day for new employees

Sign up for New Employee Welcome Day (English version)

Date: Wednesday September 9th, 2020 from 1 pm - 2.30 pm. OsloMet digital welcome day via zoom.

OsloMet START is our on-boarding program. HR invite all new staff to a common welcome day where you will meet new colleagues from all faculties, research centers and administrative departments. It's a unique opportunity to get to know your new working place and get an overview of all our educational and research areas. We have invited our top researchers and the rectorate, there will be entertainment and tapas lunch.

The goal for this welcome day is to give you motivation, joy and inspiration to make a new network across research areas that will be useful in your work at OsloMet. Practical details for your start-up will be handled directly at your faculty, research center or department where you will be working.

Mark the day in your calendar!


My working conditions

Under My working conditions you will find more information about:

Courses at the OsloMet Academy

Find the up-to-date course calendar for the OsloMet Academy.

Using IT services, ICT equipment and software

Get familiar with the  IT services, ICT equipment and software.

For teachers. Did you know that…

  • You can make a digital checklist ahead of term?
  • You can communicate with your students whilst on the train? Or maybe you intend to send out questions to your students ahead of teaching? Canvas Learning Platform includes both a teacher and a student app. Canvas also gives you the freedom that comes from working with a flexible learning design.
  • Digital tools can help you with presenting and conducting your teaching? DIGIN supports you in the development of your teaching practice. DIGIN offers Canvas training and provides educational courses.
  • You can make use of the automatic attendance register? Fagpersonweb through Canvas can, inter alias, be used for this purpose.
  • Your personal teaching timetable is automatically displayed in your Outlook calendar? Read more about the timetable project.
  • You can hold and grade exams digitally? Inspera Assessment can be used as a digital examination tool. By the way, OsloMet has examination rooms that are tailor-made for digital exams!
  • You can check assignments for plagiarism? Use URKUND, the text recognition system, via the digital examination solution and Canvas.
  • You have online access to approved course plans? Get access through courses and programme plans at student.oslomet.no or check out: https://ansatt.oslomet.no/epn  
  • You can digitally register the curriculum and give your students access to the required reading list online? The digital reading list system Leganto is available through the Canvas learning platform.
  • You get a free Microsoft Office suite for private use and free OneDrive storage? Use Office 365

For technical and administrative staff. Did you know that...

  • You get a free Microsoft Office suite for private use and free OneDrive storage? Use Office 365
  • The National Student Database (FS) is the core of our digital data management of studies including students and teachers?

A selection of systems: Canvas, Timetable planning (TP), Course planning online, Leganto, Inspera.

  • OsloMet has its own examination rooms that are tailor-made for digital exams! Silurveien 2.
  • It is possible to hold and grade exams digitally? OsloMet uses Inspera Assessment.
  • OsloMet’s students have access to required reading lists online? OsloMet uses Leganto through Canvas .
  • Teachers can communicate with their students whilst on the train? OsloMet uses Canvas and the Canvas app.
  • Digital tools can assist teachers with presenting and conducting their teaching? DIGIN 

How to use the Intranet for employees (ansatt.oslomet.no/en)

Read more about what the Web Workplace, OsloMet's intranet, really is and how to use it. 

Safety at OsloMet

At sikresiden.no you will find everything you need to know about safety at OsloMet.

Social network

For international new employees

Join the group for international new employees!

OsloMet International Network on Facebook – a closed group with more than 300 members. Request a membership or ask for assistance with publishing information.