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Tools and support

Tools and support

IT Support / Office 365


OneDrive - your personal online file storage . OneDrive is part of Microsoft 365.

What is OneDrive

I OneDrive you can upload, create, dowloand, save, collaborate and share documents. OneDrive is integrated to Microsoft 365 and available for all Microsoft programs at OsloMets computers. All employees and students get 1TB free storage space in OneDrive.

What files can be saved in OneDrive?

You can save most files and documents to OneDrive. Please read OsloMets guidelines:

In doubt of where to save your files? Please contact

Files in OneDrive

Document created in all Office programs will be automatically saved in OneDrive. If using programs installed on your OsloMet PC or Mac you can also save straigt to OneDrive.

Upload files to OneDrive

In OneDrive you can upload, download, save, share and collaborate with colleagues on all documents.

Dele filer i OneDrive

Using OneDrive you can share documents, files and nn in a safe and effective way.

Settings on your OsloMet PC

OneDrive is automatically set up to function on your OsloMet computer. Your files is instantly available. You can choose to always have certain files available, even if not connected to the Internet. Files will then be locally stored on your computer, and synced to OneDrive when connected to the Internett.