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Work, holiday and leave

Leave of absence

Applications must be sent in the SAP Portal's "E-skjema" or in the DFØ app. More information about leave of absence can be found in the Employee handbook.


  • For leaves of shorter duration and welfare leaves – under 14 days, the application must be sent through the SAP portal or DFØ app. Guidance can be found herevideo.
  • For leaves of longer duration and welfare leaves – over 14 days,, the application must be sent through the SAP portal's "E-skjema" module.

The application must be sent to the immediate supervisor who is responsible for forwarding it to HR along with his/her own recommendation.

The following must be stated in the application:

  • The purpose of the leave of absence
  • Duration of service at OsloMet
  • What position you hold
  • The duration of the leave of absence you are applying for (from and including date xx – to and including date xx)
  • Information about any previous leaves of absence you have had
One year or more?

If you wish to apply for a leave of absence lasting one year or more, you must submit a separate application no later than 3 months before you wish the leave of absence to commence.

Different types of leave 

Salary under leave of absence

The different types of leave that you may apply for have different legal basis, depending on the reason for the leave.

Certain types of leave of absence entiteles you to salary - in other cases, you are entitled to leave of absence, but not to salary.  

In case of paid leave only ordinary salary will be paid.

Back after ended leave of absence?

You must remember to notify of your plans to return or not when you are on leave  The same deadline applies as when applying for leave of absence.

Remember that the notice of termination deadlines of the law apply even when you are on leave of absence.

More about leave of absence in the Employee Handbook (only in Norwegian)


Ta i bruk DFØ-appen

  • I DFØ-appen kan du blant annet:
  • - stemple inn og ut
  • - registrere overtid
  • - sende fraværssøknad 
  • - registrere og levere reiseregning
  • - søke refusjon av utgifter
Hvordan bruke DFØ-appen?


If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact your local HR contact.