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Leave of absence

Leave of absence

You can find information about leave of absence here. Applications for leave of absence are submitted via the DFØ app or in the SAP portal. Your superior must approve the application.

If you are a supervisor you can also learn more about leave of absences in the leaders handbook (, only in Norwegian)

  • Different types of leaves of absence

    Applications for leaves of absence with a duration of one year or more must be submitted at least three months before the start date for the leave.

  • Leave for AFP early retirement trial

    OsloMet’s internal procedure for AFP sets out that ‘the employee terminates their position in whole or in part in writing depending on the AFP percentage they have chosen. Alternatively, the employee can be granted leave of up to one year for a trial of the scheme.'

    To apply for this leave you need to send an e-mail til HR Shared Services and add your leader as a recipient.

  • Pay during leave

    Different types of leave have different legal bases depending on the reason for the leave. Some types of leave entitle employees to paid leave, while others mean the employee has the right to take leave, but not to be paid during the leave. As a rule, only ordinary pay is paid during a paid leave of absence.

  • Returning to work after a leave of absence

    The deadline for giving notice of whether the employee intends to return to their position at the end of their leave is the same as for the application for leave, i.e. three months. The statutory period of notice also applies while an employee is on leave.

  • How to apply for a leave of absence

Contact HR-fellestjenester about leave of absence + SVA

Contact HR Shared Services about leave of absence

Url :
Contact form

Centre for Welfare and Labour Research (SVA)

SVA employees are asked to contact HR at their Institute for questions about leave of absence.